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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 11, 2016

Remember how Layers of Fear scared the hell out of me last February? What would I do if the awesome people of Bloober Team came up with an expansion for this game? Would I play it or would I sit down in a corner and cry? Of course I would play it! So I went back to my pillow castle and prepared myself for round two of this grizzly horror tale with Layers of Fear: Inheritance!

Last time, I followed the sad story of a man with disturbing thoughts and bothered by his perfectionism while painting using his daughter as his muse. In this expansion youíll will witness his story as seen from his daughterís perspective. How did she experience all this craziness? She returns to her parents house to deal with the ghosts of her past.

I enter the same house as I did while playing Layers of Fear. It brings back memories, for the daughter but also for me. I remember the weird shit that happened here; chambers constantly changing, doors disappearing and puzzles that needed solving. Of course the daughter has her own memories of her childhood and thatís exactly what weíre after.

By collecting drawings she made in her youth you uncover fragments of the past and see how her childhood really was. Let me tell you, it was not lovely and warm at all. Her mother and father both had a strange way of showing their love, for each other as well as for their daughter. You will gradually discover this for yourself through all kinds of flashbacks. One of the most memorable was walking through a broken closet and finding birthday cakes, each one with more candles on it than the last. Every time you find a cake, youíll hear her father and mother talking. And the older the daughter gets, the more troubled her parents get.

Because her father was a painter, paintings will also play a big part in this expansion. At some point youíll need to repaint a painting of your father and to that youíll need paint. Collecting it is more challenging then a walk in the park and more scary too. And did I already mention the cute family dog thatís walking around?

The only thing I didnít like about this game, was that it ended! Within a hour I completed the game. I was happy to find out that I didnít die of a heart attack, but Iím also sad that my scary-horror adventure is already over. Or is it? A little birdie told me that this expansion has three different endings. So if I want to discover all three endings, I should enter the house once more and brave its dangers once again. I canít really decide what to say: blast or yay?

So, now I suspect there are more ways to end this game and it all has to do with the drawings I mentioned earlier. First thing on my to-do list: Complete all three endings. After that, the only thing left to do is to hope that Layers of Fear will return for one more round: the story, as seen from the motherís perspective! Wouldnít that be cool? The Bloober team can use my idea, completely free of charge! No problem. Itís on the houseÖ a very, very, scary, frightening house!

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Bloober Team & Aspyr
August 2, 2016