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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 22, 2017

There's one universal truth in this world; every girl wants to be, or feel like, a princess at least once in her life. Now, having said that, let's take a closer look at what we usually think when we hear the term "princess", shall we? Most of us will picture the dainty type of girl that just wants to sit around all day have everything handed to her on a silver platter. Some might envision the beautiful, somewhat independent and mostly not very bright (that's usually what gets them into trouble) Disney-type of princess. But wait, there's a third type of princess! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, there sure is! She is the tough, kick-ass, no-nonsense princess that would rather hold a sword than a teacup: the Battle Princess. So you can imagine that it is my very great honor to introduce one of these fair fighting maidens: Battle Princess Madelyn!

Battle Princess Madelyn is a 16-bit sidescrolling platform game in which you play the titular character: Princess Madelyn. She is a tough and fearless girl who lives in dangerous, medieval times. I mean, come on! Skeleton knights are literally everywhere! We start our adventure at the graveyard, which is, as one might suspect, a most excellent place to meet tons of various Skeleton Knights... and kill them until they die of it! Our heroine has an infinite supply of spears to throw at those meanies, so that's a reassuring thought as I set out to save the kingdom from evil.

At first I thought I could just die endlessly in this game without there ever being a penalty for it, but it turned out I was wrong. You can die (and respawn) as long as your companion, your ever faithful ghost dog Fritzy has enough HP. He starts out with 36 HP and every time you respawn it will cost him 16 HP... you do the math! Luckily, his HP meter can be refilled by collecting soul spheres that will appear after killing an enemy. So be sure to collect all those spheres or dying will inevitably mean you will have to restart the level.

During this pre-alpha demo I had the opportunity to do one Boss fight. A screen-filling skeleton knight entered the battlefield, so I was a little worried. By throwing spears at different body parts I figured out that his upper body was his weak spot. First I tried standing under this huge creature and throw my spears upwards. (yes, that's something you can actually do in this game) but this meant I got trampled by him and it cost me all my HP ( or better said, Fritzy's HP) and I had to start all over again. That's when I found out about the glowing soul spheres. Running away and attacking the hulking skeleton from afar turned out to be the right approach in the end.

As earlier said, Battle Princess Madelyn is completely developed in the good old 16-bit style. As I played this game I couldn't stop thinking about NES classic game Ghost 'n Goblins. Battle Princess Madelyn totally nails this setting and atmosphere, plus the developers at Causal Bit Games took everything that made Ghosts 'n Goblins such a great game and really made it the most out of it! The respawn possibility by using Fritzy's HP is a welcome improvement. And what about the possibility to perform a double jump? When I see 16 bit style graphics, I automatically think a double jump is out of the question. So I was surprised to see that this move was actually available.. now that's what I call a pleasant surprise!

Battle Princess Madelyn also features a town in which you can talk to the inhabitants in order to receive awesome side quests. By completing quests you might receive a doll as a price. What would you do with a doll, I hear you ask? Well, girls will be girls and our brave battle princess has a mega-mega room that is used specifically for displaying all the dolls she collects!

Before the game starts, the developers point out that this is just the alpha phase: nothing is final, everything can be changed and many improvements will probably be made in the process of finalizing the game. I found a lot of money during my adventures, so I presume there will be a shop or something that lets me spend my hard-earned cash on new weapons or various other items that help me slay the undead. Maybe you can even extend your HP meter, who knows?

I really, really like what I saw up till now and I know this is going to be an awesome game when it's finally finished. And it seems I'm not the only one who is looking forward to playing the game in all its 16-bit splendor; in just five days, Causal Bit Games' Kickstarter campaign for Battle Princess Madelyn has been successfully funded and is now tearing through their stretch goals! So, who are you going to be? Are you just going to sit around and wait for a prince to come along and whisk you away or are you going to take matters into your own hands and be the brave princess who saves the kingdom? Yes, the choice is definitely yours, but if it were me, I'd sure as hell know what I would choose. Have at you, foul undead creatures! Feel the wrath of Battle Princess Diana... eeehm... Madelyn!

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