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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 2, 2018

We already have the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game for the Nintendo Switch and I don't think I really need to tell you how awesome it is. But, during the E3 presentation by both Ubisoft and Nintendo, there was some kind of Donkey Kong content promised for the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game. So for this review, we're going for the full package: The Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition!

The original game was released on August 29, 2017 and it truly combines the best of both worlds; Ubisofts hilarious Rabbids and the cool Mario and friends from Nintendo. They were mixed together into a tactical turn-based RPG and what really stands out is the highly accessible gameplay and the Rabbids, dressed up like Nintendo characters. I was particularly fond of Rabbid Peach, sassy and deadly. Your party was led by Beep-O, a cute-looking but fierce leader who definitely wants the SupaMerge headset back which was stolen by one of the Rabbids. Incidentally, the whole party also really wants to free the Mushroom Kingdom from the furry claws of those pesky Rabbids, because they are making a mess of the thing! Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Gold Edition contains the basic game, the Pixel Pack DLC, the Ultra Challenges Pack DLC and, last but not least, the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC.

To be able to play the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, you'll need to complete the first chapter of the original game, but if you already own the game I guess that by this time you've managed to complete the first chapter, right? If you're going to play the game for the first time, well then it's up to you if you want to complete the whole original story first or if you want to dive into the Donkey Kong fun as fast as you can. For this Donkey Kong adventure, you're travelling (on purpose, may I add) to another dimension. Why I hear you ask? Well, that's perfectly explained during the intro and it involves Rabbid Peach. For now, let's just say we've got marooned!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are stranded on a tropical island with no possibilities of warping back to the Mushroom Kingdom! And it's safe to say we can blame it on the washing machine. Also, Bowser Jr and the Rabbid Spawny (the one with the SupaMerge headset) just might have something to do with this. Fixing the Time Travel Washing Machine is our main priority. And when I say we, I mean the cute floating and guiding machine called Beep-0 and Rabbid Peach. Those two need all the help they can get and luckily for them it's the Great and Powerful, Ground-stomping Donkey Kong who is comes to their rescue! And he brings a Rabbid friend along; Rabbid Cranky. So there you have it; four brave souls to enter a brand new world with four different areas for you to discover.

Our main priority is collecting the washing machine parts you need to repair the washing machine, so we can travel back to Mushroom Kingdom. The first opponents we meet are totally into the theme and story, because they are Collector Rabbids; they want to collect everything that is shiny and metal and our washing machine parts totally fit that description. And the Collector Rabbids really do look the part, complete with backpacks and everything. But the opponents aren't the only one who had a makeover for this Donkey Kong adventure. During your adventures on the tropical island you don't collect coins but instead, of course, you collect bananas. And the main characters all have great new weapons, even Rabbid Peach has new tricks up her sleeve.

The Gold Edition also contains a couple of DLC packs filled with weapons and challenges. When I started up my game, I could immediately hook myself up with the amazing gear right out of the DLC (Pixel and Steampunk) Weapon Pack. These are all awesome weapons to have, but I especially like the Pixel weapons; you can actually carry a pixel weapon and when you use it, it will be pixels flying all over the place. I love that! And there are more surprises in this Gold Edition. What's more fun than playing a game were two worlds collide perfectly? Well, sharing this great fun with a friend! The basic game already offers the possibility of completing co-operative challenges together and the Ultra Challenges pack adds five more exclusive coop maps to the game. And have you already travelled back and forth between the areas of the original game to inspect every nook and cranny for secret challenges and collectables? Well, you're not done yet, because the Ultra Challenge Pack also adds eight new challenges to this roster!

The Gold Edition and the Donkey Kong DLC are the perfect answer to everyone who played Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and afterwards shouted out: "We want more!" It's another great adventure in the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle franchise. So if you're crazy about that game or if you are a big Donkey Kong fan, you are certainly gone love this adventure! The DLC designed for this game adds new weapons, new challenges, new coop maps and even a brand new adventure to the original game. It's an excellent crazy ride you never going to forget! It's crazy, it's ballistic, it's awesome!

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June 26, 2018