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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 11, 2014

Dutch Indie developer Digital Dreams Games created a playful experience composed of charts, graphs and geometric shapes. In my high school years, math and graphics and all that kind of stuff was not my favorite subject. So I was a little anxious to play this game.

Luckily you donít have to be an expert in math or an expert with info graphics. You need your common sense and, to be honest, spatial ability is useful.

The game is simple. You have to walk/run from a certain point to the next. At first thereís nothing. You screen is white and you character is black. But then some geometric forms and shapes appear. Then thereís a big rectangle blocking your way. Although you know thereís no way you can jump high enough to jump over the rectangle, you try it anyway. Then you discover that jumping is making the rectangle go up. So a few jumps and your path is clear again.

Of course this is simple, but this is only the beginning. The further you go, the more difficult this game becomes. Some objects will go up or down at the same speed as you jump. Others will just move when you do. But if the objects moves in the same direction as you do, jumping on it can be tricky.

The best thing about this game and playing it on the PS Vita is that this handheld is used in all ways possible. The developers extend this concept. At some points I had to turn my PS Vita 360 degrees. The first time I needed to do this, I had to turn my PS Vita sideways. The second time I had to flip over the handheld. You have to get used to that, but itís really fun and it shows how well thought through this game is.

I like this game because of its simplicity. You can walk, run, jump, climb and shoot. Itís a 2D side scroller with basic colours and shapes. Along with soft music it gives a pleasant atmosphere to the game. So you can hear yourself think. Very handy in this one.

Metrico is a very cool and good game. It looks simple, but definitely isnít. The puzzles are real brainteasers. The gameplay is great and uses every possibility your PS Vita has to offer.

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Digital Dreams Games
August 5, 2014