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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 10, 2014

In Murdered: Soul Suspect you play as detective Ronan OíConner who, after dying quite violently, canít go to heaven yet because of some unfinished business he needs to take care of. And by unfinished business we mean solving his own murder. Being a detective and used to solving crimes, Ronan knows exactly what to do. So after getting shot, dying and, as a result of this, becoming a ghost he goes on a search for clues to put the pieces of this deadly puzzle together. That means a lot of flashbacks and cut scenes, which is good, because there's a lot of story that needs to be told.

You start your investigation at your own crime scene and search for clues. When you find all of them you get a hint where to go next. Youíll quickly realize that this game isnít about action, but searching and puzzle solving.

So itís crime fighting time and being a ghost has its benefits. You can walk through objects and manipulate the mind of others. But there are also dangers for you as a ghost. There are demons who are also trapped in this earthly realm and, being very pissed about their current predicament, they want to steal your soul. Of course you donít want that to happen. You can flee from these demons and hide from them. When they lose track of your whereabouts for a certain amount of time, they'll stop hunting you.

Thatís your chance to get rid of them. You canít kill them with a weapon, so you have to sneak up on them from behind and take them out with a short QuickTime event. This part is cool, but also tricky. It demands a bit of practice to become an agile demon slayer. Another of the aforementioned benefits of being a specter is that you can possess and control cats. This is also a good way to avoid a confrontation with demons, and reach those hard to get to places.

Youíre not completely on your own, you are joined by a psychic girl sidekick named Joy. Sheís not very pleased with this situation, but of course Ronan and Joy get used to each other. They both have their own problems to worry about and step by step they learn to trust each other. Ronan also needs Joy as a connection in the real world.

Murdered: Soul Suspect take place in Salem, Massachusetts during the 80ís. The environment and the atmosphere are realistic and the constant feeling of mystery. Ghosts will appear and disappear, and you can reveal objects. The soundtrack contributes to a spooky and mysterious atmosphere. Sometimes the subtitles are out of sync with the spoken sentences, but it's only a minor glitch, so don't let that spoil your fun.

Overall, Murdered: Soul Suspect is great fun to play. No, you won't get to run around town killing off ghosts left and right with a proton-pack, like some Rambo / Ghostbusters hybrid on speed. What you will get to do, however, is collect evidence, clues and collectibles, talk to a lot of characters (or read their minds) and ultimately try to solve your own murder case. The story is immersive, the characters well written, the graphics look nice and the audio completes the ghostly atmosphere. If you're a fan of puzzle or adventure games, you will certainly need to try Murdered: Soul Suspect. If you're only interested in shooting everything to tiny bits...well, stop whining and play something else.

available on:

Airtight Games & Square Enix
June 2014