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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 20, 2018

For me, My Brother Rabbit was actually one of the biggest surprises at Gamescom 2018. During our visit of the Polish Pavilion, I saw the logo of this game, complete with rabbit ears attached to the "A". That's when I knew I just had to play the game, because I positively love to see things that are cute and cuddly.

The intro is already good; I absolutely love how it is made up out of a series of beautiful hand-drawn images. The intro tells a story about a happy family, but then the youngest child, a girl, becomes sick. While the parents concentrate on finding a cure, the little girl's older brother keeps her spirits up by using what children use best: his imagination. So, simultaneous to the story of the little girl, another story; a story about creatures in the forest is told in which, coincidentally, a flower has gotten really sick and a rabbit is trying to save her. And this is exactly where you come in!

In my brother Rabbit, you play as the resourceful rabbit that is trying to cure his sick flower friend by finding certain objects within the world and by solving puzzles. In the top right corner of your screen, the objects you'll need to gather are shown. You'll need these items to unlock a puzzle or open a door. Th eobjects you need can be absolutely anything; popsicles, flowers, butterflies, etcetera. Every time you find another puzzle which needs a certain amount of items, a picture of the needed item will be added to the top right corner, along with a number of dots that signify how many of that particular item you'll need to collect. Every time you enter another area, the pictures of the items are either colored or kind of gray-scale. When an item is shown in color, it tells you that one or more of that particular item can be found somewhere on the screen you're currently on. This feature is a great help while searching for those well-hidden items.

The more areas you unlock, the more items you will recognize from different areas. For example, long before I needed to collect fireflies, I already spotted them in several areas. But then again, I also spotted several recurring items in more than one area but I actually never had to collect them. Or you discover certain items, which you might think have something to do with a puzzle, but they don't. I think it's excellent that the developers put in these kind of jokes in the game.

Besides finding items, you have to solve puzzles. This can be a jigsaw puzzle, a memory game, match sticks puzzle and many more. And, at the end every area, you need to build some kind of machine. With the first level I needed to make a boat out of a bathtub. Every piece you need to complete the machine is located somewhere in that area, but to find them can be a bit tricky. Luckily there is a blueprint, on which the items you need are highlighted. Once you find an item and place it correctly, the highlight of that particular item vanishes, so you know that item is found and used correctly.

Between every puzzle you'll get to see more of the story of the family with the sick girl. The brother of the girl gives her a plush rabbit to comfort her, which looks just like the rabbit that tries to save the sick flower. It's up to you to solve all the puzzles over the course of five levels and bring everything to a happy ending. My Brother Rabbit is a beautiful game about a emotional subject, without making it too sad. No one wants his kid to become ill, right? This game is like an interactive children book and I can totally imagine parents playing this game together with their kids. But also gamers who like a good story and some puzzle solving can really enjoy this game.

I had so much fun playing this game. It's a colorful game with very cool art design and the puzzles are medium difficult. My Brother Rabbit is meant to tell a story about a sore subject in life and does this very well, always keeping the perfect balance between an emotional story and happy environments. It was truly wonderful to play this game!

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Artifex Mundi
September 21, 2018