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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 4, 2017

And we're back for another round of playing creepy and eerie games. This time, I just couldn't resist getting "hands-on" with No70: Eye of Basir. I put hands-on between double quotation marks because, by the time the game was fully downloaded and installed, I already had handed over the controller to Ferry 'Sadhonker' Adams and retreated to my pillow-and-blanket fortress, because I was too afraid to play! So I will review this game from the safety of said fortress, while Ferry is doing the scary work.

We had a somewhat confusing start with this game, because it when the main menu appeared, it was completely in Turkish. With a little help from Google Translate, we were able to find the settings and change the language to English. So if you think about it, No70: Eye of Basir's adventure and mystery already starts in the menu.

No70: Eye of Basir is a first person horror/exploration game, in which you take the role of Aras, who is searching for his brother, Erhan. Your search starts in an abandoned house, which used to belong to Aras and Erhan's grandmother and is actually the house they grew up in. After their grandmother's death, both boys went their separate ways, both living life as they saw fit. But now, years later, you're back and set out to explore the house's hidden doors and secret passageways you never noticed as a kid.

Are you up for a creepy fact? If you pass a mirror and you look into it, you might expect to see yourself, right? Well, in this case, Aras doesn't have reflection. Is he secretly a vampire? Or can't he just see through the layer of dirt? Because the house of your grandmother is huge, especially now hidden rooms are popping out of ground like mushrooms and they're all creepy and dark. I don't know if the house already looked like this when Aras was a kid, but now it all looks a bit run down and dark... mostly dark. I must say, if it's a creepy and scary atmosphere the developers were going for (which I strongly suspect was the case), they really did a great job!

Being a exploration game, No.70: Eye of Basir will not provide you with much clues or tips on how to play. You can check the controls in the options menu, but the rest you'll have to figure out yourself. This basically means that you'll have to make your way through the house and make the most of the objects you find. The game really heats up when you find one particular item: the titular Eye of Basir. This object gives you the ability to look into the spirit realm, which basically means things can only get scarier from this point on... Throughout the game, you will discover letters, notes and such that help you to unravel the story. As you discover more and more of these writings, it becomes clear that the story of the family in No70: Eye of Basir isn't going to be a happy Disney story. But hey, you're playing a horror game, so were you expecting anything different?

Another thing in this game that will give you the creeps is the fact that your actions can manipulate the house. Doors will close or open by themselves, objects will appear and... wait! Was that a person or, even worse, a ghost that I just saw passing by in the hallway? Let's just say that the biggest challenge in this game is to not lose your nerve and to keep your sanity, because there's a lot of weird shit going on in this house...

No70: Eye of Basir will surely give you the creeps. It does have some flaws in the controller-support department, but this only occurs when you're reading notes or when you go into the main menu, so it never actually stands in the way of playing the game. Especially because this game is more of an horror experience, like Layers of Fear and The Park, so you can do things at your own pace. You don't have to shoot enemies or perform quick time events. It's solving puzzles that move the story forward and that works like a charm. A very dark and evil kind of charm, but a charm nevertheless! So, if you're up for a supernatural horror experience and like to solve puzzles within a scary environment, No70: Eye of Basir is definitely a game for you!

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Old Moustache Gameworks & Artcom FZC
June 28, 2017