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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 22, 2020

While safe at home during this Corona Crazyness, together with your better half, you might be in search for some nice coop games, right? We, Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams and myself, thought the exact same thing. So when publisher Blowfish Studio send us over an invitation to give their upcoming game Obey Me a try, we happily accepted!

Obey Me is a brawler game in which angels and demons are entangled in a seemingly endless conflict. Lord Ammon, one of the lords of hell, has settled on Earth and serves as the all-important link between our world and the underworld. He has gathered a bunch of demonic forces, who he sends out on various missions Among these employees is also a somewhat unlikely duo: Soul Hunter Vanessa Held and her ferocious Doberman-like hell hound Monty. Now, being an all-important lord of Hell, Lord Ammon doesn't actually give the orders to the rabble himself, because that would really be beneath his station. Instead, he has a nice assistant to do this for him; his secretary Anna.

As our adventure starts, you take the role of main character Vanessa Held and her awesome Doberman dog Monty and the moment couldn't have been better. They're on their first important quest for their boss Lord Ammon. Actually, Lord Ammon has assigned them this job because he thinks it's not all that important, but Vanessa and Monty don't know that. During the intro video of this game it becomes clear that Monty is a very special dog. Not only will he fight alongside Vanessa and protect her when necessary, but he can also talk and loves to do so at that!

And I will gladly admit, that I fell in love with Monty right away. He is the greatest dog you will ever meet and his sassy comments made me laugh almost every minute. Plus, this exceptionally strong canine is a very useful friend to have around while fighting mutants, angelic machines and other assorted bad guys. He uses a range of elemental attacks and is slightly faster than Vanessa. When playing single player mode, Monty will automatically choose his targets and appropriate attacks. This seems to work flawlessly, because he always chose the attacks I would have chosen myself. The term Man's Best Friend was definitely applicable. When you play Obey Me in coop, the second player gets to play Monty, so you can imagine I was a little bit jealous of Ferry, that he we going to play as Monty. But then again, I'm in love with Ferry is well, so in that way they're a good match.

When you start playing, both Vanessa and Monty have the ability to run around and make use of a few basic attacks. Vanessa wields a couple of shiny blades and makes quick work of every bad guy that comes to close. Apart from that, she can also use her dash to run into an opponent and deal some damage. When engaging enemies, Vanessa can weaken them with her daggers, which causes a blue bar to slowly fill up with each hit. When this bar is filled, Monty can use one of his elemental attacks to extract some much needed soul orbs from the enemy in question. He creates some sort of Hellish Seal, which is a fiery circle on the ground in front of him. Using this attack really racks up orbs in the long run, which you will definitely need if you want to make it through this brawling adventure.

There are several types of orbs to collect. There are orbs that restore your health, orbs which you can use to upgrade both Vanessa and Monty and orbs that allow you to fill a kind of magic gauge. When this gauge is filled to a certain point, Vanessa and Monty can fuse together to become one Demonic punisher of a creature for a short period of time, becoming stronger and inflicting even more damage than usual. I love the moment when you defeated your first real boss fight and Monty is going to eat the remains of it. Vanessa is grossed by his choice of food, but Monty explains that what he eats makes him stronger... and he is absolutely right! Turns out, the monster we just defeated had a poison radio-active sort of slime on him. Because Monty ate some of it, he can now switch between regular his fire attack and this new-found slime attack.

I had a lot of fun playing Obey Me. It was a nice coop game, but to be honest, I personally thought it played even better when I played it by myself. This has nothing to do with Ferry, or with me not wanting share Monty for that matter. You see, when you play local coop, Vanessa is still the leading lady, so the camera follows her. When Vanessa and Monty get to far apart, the game will zap Monty automatically back to where Vanessa is at that moment. This sounds like a nice feature, but Ferry was often confused of where Monty was gone, especially when facing a lot of enemies, it wasn't always easy to see where our faithful Hellhound was at.

After the first Boss fight, the levels got adorned more agility-challenging elements like rotating flames and spikes shooting out of the ground. Now, I don't know if that was the reason, but it seemed to make the game lag a bit. Now, it didn't make the game unplayable, but it was noticeable. Then again, the comic style of the game is nice, the game offers you a decent challenge and the humor in the dialogues are excellent. Obey Me fans can also dive deeper into the lore and narrative off-screen with a series of graphic novels published by Dynamite Comics (check the E404 website for more info). If you like comic style, chaotic action-packed gamea, Obey me is definitely your cup of demonic tea!

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Blowfish Studios & Error 404 Game Studios
April 21, 2020