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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 27, 2014

We’re back, ehm... well Abe’s back! In a new adventure, ehm wait no, actually it’s the adventure you could have played a long time ago on the PSX or PC. Well, what the heck, let’s go!

What was the story again? Oh yes, during his cleaning routine, Abe inadvertently witnesses a board meeting of the executives at his workplace. The company produces all kinds of strange foods in a can. And they’re planning to launch their next big hit: Mudokon snacks. Abe and his colleagues happen to be Mudokons. Because Abe doesn’t want to end up in a can, he’s going to escape and, along the way, try to rescue as many Mudokons as he possibly can.

Oddworld is a platform puzzle game. Your main goals are: to avoid enemies, save employees and stay alive! This might sound simple, but trust me, all three of these goals can be particularly trying at times.

Avoiding enemies is tricky. You’ll need to sneak past them very quietly, wait patiently and roll gracefully to get past them. Hiding behind crates or in shadows of steam is also a good way. Whatever you do, don’t let them hear or see you because they’ll shoot you without even asking who you are (remind me to never, ever deliver pizza there…)

Saving the employees of the factory is fun. Everyone secretly likes to be a hero. And you can save a lot of them. You can actually talk to them and tell them to follow you or to wait. When you see a couple of birds circling around you can start chanting. The birds will then form a portal for other Mudokons to enter and escape through. This gives the game a lot of replayability value, because you want to save the Mudokons. I don’t quite know what exactly gives you this feeling. Maybe, deep down we all hope that if our boss decides to make snacks out of us, we’ll at least receive a heads-up so we can try to save our asses as well.

Abe’s personal goal is to stay alive as well. Luckily, Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty makes good use of save points, so you can try difficult approaches on your way to ultimate success. The developers are kind enough to give you some hints. At the beginning of the game these hints are easy to find, but get harder to spot as you progress through your Oddworld adventure.

Because this is a remake of an older game, you’ll definitely want to know how the game is different from the original. Personally I think the developers did a great job improving Oddworld, without losing that good old/odd feeling that we experienced back in the nineties. The biggest change, in my opinion, are the graphics, because it sure looks more beautiful than it ever did (and keep in mind, it even looked great in the days of yore). The steampunk world of Abe, the movement of the characters, it’s all still there, yet somehow better. The voice acting is slightly different, but not to worry. The well-known ‘hello’ and ‘follow me’ are all still there and accounted for.

When I think about the old version of this game, I think about having countless hours of platforming fun, playing a truly fantastic game. Very rewarding and very, very difficult. And it still is, though the developers did us the favor of placing more save points along our route. And that’s great, because you’ll find yourself doing parts of this game over and over and over again. This game is for people who like a challenge and want to re-think the situation. But to make it playable for a wider range of gamers, difficulty levels have been introduced.

Oddworld: New ‘n Tasty marks the return of one of gaming’s gentlest heroes, and is a truly wonderful remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. It still retains all the cool stuff of the original, but it’s looks better and plays better than ever. If you like puzzle games with a good story or if you’re a big fan of the old game, then you should really try this new ‘n tasty adventure on one of the platforms of these days.

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July 22, 2014