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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 9, 2018

A new year, a new chance. A chance to make your new year's resolutions work. This year it's going to happen, right? Quit smoking, lose weight, finally use your gym subscription. And so on, and so on. Well, I have some resolutions myself. But I'm confused about it; was it spending more or less time on playing games? Anyway, before I decide on that, I have One More Dungeon to finish.

Yes, the game I'm going to tell you about is actually called One More Dungeon. That's cool right? My Mom: "Are you playing videogames again?" Me: "Oh please, let me just finish one more dungeon?" My Mom: "Oh, that's all right, honey. But after that, it's done." And me with my super sweet voice: "Okay, mommy." (Mwoohaha!)

The game is developed by the great people of Stately Snail. In 2015, One More Dungeon was launched for PC. And of course it's awesome to launch your own game, right? Imagine how awesome it will be when your game will be available on more systems? That's where the guys from Ratalaika Games came in. They made the port to PS4, PS vita and Nintendo Switch, which are all available. The Xbox One version will follow soon. So join me on my adventure in One More Dungeon.

When you start game you can choose whether to start with or without a Mutator. A Mutator can add some real cool advantages; for one example to halve the enemies health or start the game with an extra potion set. Mutators can also make the game more difficult, like losing a health point every 30 seconds. That'll spice things up little, don't you agree? You can only buy these Mutators with in-game point that you earn from previous play-throughs. Note that at the start of your first time you don't have points of course, so you can't start throwing Mutators around just yet.

The main goal of each level is to seek out and kill the level guardian. Killing these guardians will grant you a seal that opens the passage to the next dungeon floor. This goes on like this until you finally reach the Obelisk that evil forces use to invade our world. Of course we can have that, so it's up to you to stop this and destroy the Obelisk! At the beginning of the game you have a wand and a sword to defend yourself, but naturally you can collect new items and weapons throughout the levels. You can bind those new found items to different buttons as you go along. So make sure you explore every dark and damp corner of your dungeon and destroy every crate, because you never know what you might find when you do.

Also keep an eye out for altars of health, where you can restore your health. And trust me when I say you'll need all the health you can get. One More Dungeon looks old school and this pixel style might give you the idea that this is a simple game. But trust me, it is not. I actually died a couple of times in the first level already. But dying has a plus side, because every time you restart your game, you again are given the choice to use a Mutator and this time around you'll have the points you need to actually do so. Restarting the game also means that the level you enter for the second time will be different from the one you played before. Of course this can be a challenge, but I think it's very good you don't enter the same dungeon twice. It spices thing up even further!

One More Dungeon is clearly a tribute or a love letter to the old school games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, but it looks a bit more friendly. The pixel art is amazing and the objects in the world rotate according to the player's movement. So the front of an object or enemy is always facing your way. This really harks back to the good old days of FPS gaming and I think it looks great. I also love the fact that the developers even thought of creating a portrait of the character you are playing and making it more bloodied up as you get more wounded.

The combination of old school FPS games and rogue like games works like a charm! So if you want to start this new year with a great and challenging game (or have a good trick answer for your parents), One More Dungeon is the game for you!

available on:

Stately Snail & Ratalaika Games
December 12 - 20, 2017 (PS4, PS Vita & Nintendo Switch)
November 23, 2015 (PC)