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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 7, 2017

"I still have fond memories of Resident Evil Outbreak. Since major publishers seem to no longer be interested in making that sort of game, I decided to make one myself," says Evan Wolbach, founder of Dead Drop Studios. "With only one life, hardcore difficulty, no pauses and limited inventory, Outbreak brings back the authentic survival horror experience fans like me have been waiting for."

Well, that's one hell of a great statement, isn't it? I just had to share it with you guys before going further into the game Evan mentioned. And I don't know about you, but this guy's really got my attention. So let's check out this game called Outbreak, shall we?

Outbreak is inspired by other horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. As soon as you see (and hear) the start screen of Outbreak, you will see how the developers used some significant details from these games in order to pay homage to them. I always love it when you can clearly see how other games inspired developers to come up with their own. It's like an ode, especially to Resident Evil.

Before you start you have to choose a character to face all the dangers and horrors that will come your way. Each of them has their own personal strengths and weaknesses so choose wisely, depending on your preferred play-style. The four playable characters of Outbreak are: Mason, who is a seasoned police officer, has increased damage resistance and starts with a pistol. Alendra is a computer scientist and engineer, she can take more damage and starts with a lockpick. Ethan is our bioscience college student, has the ability to regenerate health faster and starts with a healing item. And last but not least: Quies, who is a paralegal, has a larger inventory than the other characters, but can't combine healing salves.

As you may have noticed, your choice in character will definitely have consequences. More space in your inventory comes with a nasty side effect. And is starting the game with a gun really the best choice here? If you're smart, you'll find three real life friends to join your game in the four-player online co-op multiplayer mode (including voice chat) and make the most of the four characters' combined strengths.

As is common in many horror tales, the four characters in the game have no clue what happened, but they must become allies to stand a better chance of survival in a world with all kinds of monstrosities, caused by an unknown turn of events caused by the usual suspect: a research project gone terribly wrong (Damn those scientists!) You set out to investigate the hospital which, by now, is overrun by the undead.

The developers chose to implement the same manner of controlling your character as the early Resident Evil games did. No matter which way you are facing; up is forward and down is backward. If you want to go to the left or right, you'll first have to turn the character in the direction you want to move in and then push forward. To be honest, I haven't had to control a character in that way for quite a while, so it took me some time getting used to. You'll get the hang of it eventually, so don't let this stop you.

Outbreak offers a single player mode and, as mentioned earlier, a multiplayer mode. There is a wide array of weapons and items waiting for you in the hospital and if you're with more players, you share your findings equal among the character's inventory and can even trade with your teammates. So again; a good reason to team up with your friends. (Or other people online on a public server)

Everything about Outbreak brings back fond memories of the good old horror games, but the game also offers some cool features of its own. It brings you the best of both worlds. So if you (and your friends) are up for a challenge, treat yourself with this good old and brand new horror Survival adventure!

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Dead Drop Studios
January 17, 2017 (PC)
TBA (XBox One)