diana;;paragon;;beta;;moba;;multiplayer;;coop;;pvp;;epic games Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee Last weekend, the beta of Epic Gamesí upcoming title Paragon took place. After seeing the trailer of this MOBA game, I was convinced; I really, really, REALLY want to play this game!


By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 2, 2016 and July 20, 2016 (update)

*** UPDATE *** (Note that Paragon is still in Beta and under a lot of development)

This July, you can play the awesome game Paragon for free if youíre a PS Plus Member. Last month, I already told you about Paragon, which was still in its early beta phase. (see review below) Since then, a lot has happened:

- Hero and bug fixes
- Much more open beta weekends
- Free skins for the heroes Sparrow (which is still my personal favorite) and Murdock
- Weekly card packs
- A new hero: Greystone
- And much, much more!

The developers are open to every kind of feedback. For example, if the maximal length of a match should be adapted, how to improve the system for earning loot, and so on. So, if you like to play a game in its early stage and provide the developers with some feedback to improve the game, just run to the PSN store and grab this awesome Paragon Starters Pack.

The Paragon Starter Pack includes:

Instant Early Access to Paragon
- Master Challenge For 3 Heroes: Murdock, Rampage, Gadget
- Master Challenges include an immediate Challenger skin for each Hero and permanent Hero Level XP boost. Completing a Master Challenge unlocks a taunt and the exclusive Master Skin.
- A 3-Win Rep boost

What I especially liked is the fact that I played Paragon before and progress that I made was not wiped. I didnít have to start all over again, all my XP and achievements was still there! And even if youíre going to play Paragon for the first time now and buy the game later to play it, your progress will still be there! How awesome is that?


Last weekend, the beta of Epic Gamesí upcoming title Paragon took place. After seeing the trailer of this MOBA game, I was convinced; I really, really, REALLY want to play this game!

Paragon starts off by letting you choose your level of experience with MOBA games. I think this is a good thing, because this way, the game will match players of the same level with each other, so youíll never feel out of place in any match (unless you lie about how good you are). Plus, the difficulty of the match will be adapted to the skill of the players in that match. There are three modes you can choose from: You can choose to face the dangers alone, play together with other gamers against AI or players versus players. So I chose what I like best: players against AI. After selecting my preferred mode of gaming, I went on to the next phase; choosing my hero.

I like the fact that the game indicates which heroes are suitable for novice players. And donít think for a moment that these characters are any less awesome than other characters in the game. My absolute favorite character happens to be one of those starter heroes. Her name is Sparrow; a female character which is highly skilled with her bow and various magical attacks. Each character has its own special abilities and attacks, so there will always be a character that suits your preferred style of gaming.

At the start of every match, youíll get the opportunity to choose cards that add some active and passive skills to your character. During the game, you can collect points that can, in turn, be used to buy more cards. But thereís a catch; you can only purchase these cards at your teamsí own base. So youíll have to travel back and forth during the game. Or wait until you die, which makes you respawn at said base. Well, what do you know? This makes dying actually useful!

While playing the game and slaying your opponents, you gain XP. When you reach the next level, youíre able to upgrade your skills and attacks. This is in no way a new game mechanic, but I was surprised that the game limited your choices. Every time you can upgrade, Paragon only shows you two or three skills from your complete package for you to upgrade. The next time you are able to upgrade, it shows you completely different skills. This approach to upgrading adds an extra bit of strategy, because itís simply not possible to focus on just two or three of your favorite attacks and pay no attention to the other ones. I like that!

Paragon looks really amazing, even though itís only in its beta phase! The environments are detailed and realistic, the heroes look awesome and the menus are simple and crystal clear. While playing the game and kicking the living crap out of my enemies, I couldnít help but notice how smooth the gameplay is. There are no two ways about it; this game is going to be awesome!

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Q2/Q3 2016