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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 24, 2019

In a galaxy not far, far away, but somehow both long, long ago as well as in the distant future, a young woman named Axo, who is the best female pilot of the empire, reaches out to everyone who will hear her last message. She's very sorry she destroyed every defense system on planet Earth, but she was under the control of an alien Entity. The only thing she can do now is to sacrifice her life and make up for everything that she did and hopefully destroy the alien entity that caused all of this misery.

This is how Pawarumi, the space shoot 'em up game by Manufacture 43, starts. The player gets control over a spaceship which has three weapons to attack. The Blue Condor Laser, the Green Serpent Gatling and the Red Jaguar Missiles. Now, these weapons are already powerful as they are, but the magic happens when you pay attention to the colors of your weapons and the color of the enemy ships. Your enemies come in the same colors as your weapons and you can use this to your advantage. If you like to boost your shields, make sure you finish off enemies with the weapon of the same color. So red enemies with the Red Jaguar Missiles for example. If you like to crush your enemies faster, make sure to use the right combination of weapon and enemy colors. This concept is all explained in the tutorial, so make sure not to skip it.

Still think that isn't enough? You want something that blows your mind? Or even better, the minds of your enemies? Well, in that case I have some excellent news for you! If you need a more powerful blow to destroy everything and everyone on your screen, that's where your special attack comes in. While playing, you can also drain energy from your enemies and fill your special attack bar. When this bar is fully loaded, you can use your special attack to obliterate everything and everyone that gets in your way.

Pawarumi takes the space shoot 'em up genre to the next level. I really like this cleverly designed battle system with colors. Also, the level-design is awesome. I love how the background is not limited to a deep black background, like most games in this genre have. Most games, yes, but not Pawarumi! In this game you'll fly high above beautiful landscapes, buildings, deserts, everything. If you find a second between all the shooting and action, you should really pay attention to it!

The main goal of Pawarumi which the highest score possible and get your name on the leaderboard. You have only one life, so dying means game over. It's wise to keep an eye on your shield in order to survive. If you are a Nintendo Switch owner, you're in for an extra surprise! Let me use the words of one of the awesome people at Manufacture 43, mister Daniel Borges: "The Nintendo Switch version of Pawarumi includes a very special feature, the Joyful Ship! With this enabled, the game actually recognizes what color Joy-ConT is connected to the console and colors the players' ship accordingly - we've seen some unique and amazing color combinations!"

Pawarumi is indeed a great shoot 'em up game, featuring awesome weapons and a cool sci-fi setting. What makes it stands out is definitely the color battle system. It's an awesome game to play with your friends together at your couch and see who reaches the best score. I'm signing off now, for I have a galaxy to save!

available on:

Manufacture 43
January 2018 (PC / OS X / Linux)
July 24, 2019 (Xbox One / Switch)