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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 15, 2016

I love dancing, but I’m not exactly a dancing queen. Back in the nineties, when a song had a dance routine in it, I learned it so I would dance along with the other people in the disco on Saturday night. I love that and I still know them by heart. Why I’m telling you this? Well, I would love to be able to perform the Kirby Victory Dance. But it’s hard when you’re not a cute, pink bouncing ball.

This weekend, I saw this dance many times on my Nintendo 3DS, because Kirby Planet Robobot was released last Friday. The wait was almost too much to bear, but somehow I managed to survive. In this brand new adventure, Kirby has to restore peace again on a lovely planet. As always, you play Kirby and can absorb and use the special powers of your enemies. If you played previous parts you’ll recognize some of them, like the Sword power which grants Kirby a sword to hit enemies with, while making him look a lot like Link. Or the Ice power, which is very useful in levels with lots of fire in them. Or, and this one has always been personal favorite, the Leaf ability.

But, lo and behold, I have a new favorite Kirby power! In Planet Robobot, you can be a doctor and throw pills at your enemies. I must say , it looks fun and works great! Another new addition to Kirby’s arsenal of powers is the teleport power. When you use it, you’ll disappear and appear again. If an enemy is nearby, you will appear where he stands and bust him out of the way! It’s really amazing how the developers manage to surprise me with every new Kirby game. With every new game I’m like: “What did they come up with this time?”

The biggest addition (which also happens to be a very helpful one) is the Robot suit. When Kirby hops into it, it turns pink and it’s all yours to use and control. As pink Kirby-robot, the suit has some standard attacks, but when you eliminate opponents, it will scan them for their special powers and absorb them. And, because the Robot is bigger and stronger than Kirby, he can open stuff or clear things out of the way, which you wouldn’t be able to do while just playing as Kirby. And, as an added bonus, the robot suit is also a great way of traveling! With the right power the robot turns into a car or a rocket. Certain levels are especially designed for these powers. So the robot is a very welcome addition to this brand new Kirby game!

But new powers and a big badass robot is not the only new thing the developers came up with. There is a whole new world to explore. An ice level is not that new, but I never had to dodge falling ice cream cone before. There are also a couple of casino levels, which are very beautiful and fun. And if you have any Amiibo’s, try to use them. You’ll never know what might happen!

In Planet Robobot, you’ll need a certain number of code circuits to enter the Boss level at the end of any given world. You can also collect question marks, which, at the end of the level will add a sticker to your sticker collection. So keep your eyes peeled for them and make sure to collect them all. If you missed out on some of them, you can always replay a level and have another go at collecting them. Almost every level has two separate layers of playing field; one in the front and in the back. You can travel between them with a traveling star. So when you spot a collectable in the background of a level, keep your eyes open for these twinkly transporters.

After playing through the campaign of Kirby: Planet Robobot, the fun doesn’t stop. At least, when you’re brave enough to face the two mini games that come with Planet Robobot: Kirby 3D Rumble and Team Kirby Clash! In Kirby 3d Rumble, you’ll have to face enemies and finish them to go to the next round. If you use one hit to take care of more than just one enemy you’ll earn combo points. The goal is to earn points and improve your record. And of course, have a lot of fun.

The other mini game is Team Kirby Clash. You can play this mini game by yourself and team up with AI or invite a couple of friends over and play this game together. First, you choose a class, which in this case are some of the special abilities from the campaign. You can choose to play as the doctor, the hammer, the sword or the mage. After that, you’re ready to choose your companion(s) and face certain bosses, who you will definitely recognize from the Kirby game series. Both mini games are short, (that’s why they’re called mini games) but there’s a nice challenge to be had from playing them. And, let’s not forget; they’re truly a lot of fun to play!

I love the levels, I love the characters and I love the fun I have had with games from the Kirby series. There are no two ways about it; I simply love Kirby games! It seems that with every new Kirby game, the developers manage to achieve the perfect balance between the things you recognize from the previous games in the series and new abilities or gameplay mechanics. So every new game feels familiar, but also provides us with the possibility to experience something brand new. I can only say that Kirby: Planet Robobot put a really big smile on my face; I just had so much fun! So now, there’s only two things left for me to do; wait for the next Kirby game and find a good dance instructor who’ll help me master the Kirby Victory Dance.

available on:

HAL Laboratory & Nintendo
April 28, 2016 (JP) June 10-11, 2016 (WW)