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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 16, 2020

Every now and again, a game is released that just looks too cute to pass up the opportunity to play it. So when I received a mail about the platform game Potata: Fairy Flower, I didn't even need to think twice. I'm sorry for the rest of my crew, but the opportunity to play and review Potata is mine!

Potata is the name of a young and fierce girl, who wants nothing more than to go on a great, big adventure. During the intro we can see that, when she is outside, her imagination takes over and the most amazing stories will come to her... but only in her mind. Oh, what she wouldn't give to have a real-life adventure! But alas, this will have to wait for now, because her totem animal, which is a fox, is not feeling well, so Potata first needs to find him a healing potion. That's when we meet her mom.

Of course, we'll need to help our mom brew the potion. Several items are needed and it's up to you to find them. During this first quest, you will learn the basics of the game. For every one who played platform games more than once on PC, this should be easy. For me.., well I know the controls, but I'm just not that brilliant when it comes to playing a platform game. But I won't let that stop me of course. The difficulty of the platform levels increase at a steady pace. With every new obstacle in your way or new item you find, new possibilities are made available to you. But you will have to try out things for yourself; don't expect the game to hold your hand every step of the way.

While playing the game, there are many puzzles for you to solve. Now, this might be just me, but sometimes the clues in the game alone are not that clear, so you need to tickle your brain every now and then. If you really stuck or simply don't want to be bothered by puzzling you can pay to get a hint. And before start crying about how games nowadays always come with purchase options which cost you a lot of extra money, don't worry. In Potata you can pay with in-game money. In this case, blue stones with a carving on them are used as currency. But I have to warn you here, because hints aren't the only things that come at a cost in Potata. You'll also have to spend your hard-earned stones on saving your game, for instance.

Playing Potata feels a bit like playing a Rayman game. Now, the developers didn't just copy everything and slapped new artwork on it, but the overall feel of the game is somewhat similar. As you make your way through the levels, you'll have to overcome a lot of dangers, ranging from pits to spiked balls and stone slabs. And if this wasn't enough, the developers also added enemies to the mix. One of the fun things about the regular enemies is that you can choose whether to fight them or simply run away, whichever takes your fancy. The only enemies that don't give you that choice are the bosses, which you'll have to fight (and defeat, of course) in order to continue your journey.

Now let's talk about the thing that convinced me I simply had to play this game: the design of the game, which is super cute and colorful. Now, some of you might know by now that I absolutely adore things that are either fluffy or colorful, or both. Luckily for me, Potata: Fairy Flower is a truly colorful game and I like the art very much. The world around you is beautiful and attractive; you'll want to spend time there. The main character does remind me a bit of the Disney character Merida of the movie Brave, with her red curls and blue dress. Plus, just like Merida, Potata is a brave little girl who is ready to face every challenge she will come across, so don't let her cute looks fool you. Speaking of being fooled by looks; although the environments look really fun and colorful, going on this adventure poses a real challenge!

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December 17, 2019