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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 8, 2017

During our visit to last year's GamesCom, we visited the Bethesda booth, were we saw the press presentation of their, then still upcoming, game: Prey. We were blown away by its amazing graphics and creepy atmosphere, but what about the gameplay and the story? Well, that's what I had to discover, because I was the lucky one of the DumeeGamer crew to review Prey!

I have recently been playing the first Prey (2006) to prepare myself for things to come. That game was already awesome; I love the story of Tommy in the search of his girlfriend after she was kidnapped by an alien force. The game was pretty difficult from time to time as you made your way through the alien-infested spaceship and had to figure out how to overcome certain obstacles. So yes, you could say that it was a fairly challenging game.

However, this year's Prey has nothing to do with the 2006 version. The developers have used the original game as an inspiration, nothing more nothing less. When you start, you can choose whether you want to play male or female character. Whatever you decision is, you play this game as Morgan Yu. You wake up in your apartment on May 15, 2032. You have a special day up ahead; it's your first day at your new job! You travel in style to your job in a chopper. During the chopper flight you'll see the names of the developers and last but not least the game, shown in the environment. It's very nice done and it immediately sets the standard of what the rest of the game is going to look like: amazing!

Today is testing day at your job and during the test I had to answer a series of questions that made me think of who I am. I did play the demo last week, so I knew what was coming and I could change some answers. I felt pretty selfish after the question answering in the demo, in which I chose my own life above that of others. So, this time around, I chose to take the more noble approach. After I entered my noble answer, I felt good about myself again and was convinced I could sleep with a clear conscience once more.

Anyway, testing day turns out to be a very shitty day and after I fainted... I woke up in my apartment again... on may 15, 2032!! What?? Same apartment, same day, although the emails at my computer were different. I had six new emails in my inbox, from a contact named January, which warned me about danger and that I had to get out! Okay, I can take a hint; I'm getting the hell out of here!

Pretty soon after I escape my room, I find out that everything that happened yesterday was a simulation, a set up! "What's happening?" I hear myself think. The way you find out what is actually happening is marvelously set up and builds up tension that will quickly have you sitting on the edge of your seat. You eventually discover that you are, in fact, Vice President of the Research Department of the company you initially thought you just worked your first day at yesterday. What the hell?! Thumbs up for Bethesda and Arkane Studios so far!

Prey offers you several ways to play the game. It's up to you how you overcome obstacles and enemies. For example; if you have to open a locked door, you can search your surrounding for a matching keycard or try to find another way around. And I warn you that both options can be quite challenging. So don't think there's ever an easy way out of any given problem.

Your first weapon is a wrench. Not the most awesome weapon for a hero, but it's not too shabby to start with, though it doesn't quite handle as well as you may like when trying to hit a fast-moving enemy. But don't worry; you can add some nice upgrades and find other weapons while playing Prey. A Gloo Cannon that fires a certain compound at your enemies and freezes them in place, making it much more simple for you to deal that killing blow with your trusty wrench. During the game, you'll also find a number of more familiar weapons, like a handgun or a shotgun.

And, let's not forget your psi powers; some very cool supernatural powers that will surely give you an advantage in battle, when used properly. Still not enough for you? Then let me persuade you by telling you there are Neuromods for you to find everywhere. Theser mods can be used to learn new skills and abilities in one of three categories: Scientist, Engineer and Security. It's not the most comfortable way to learn stuff, by the way. The Neuromod sticks two very long needles RIGHT INTO YOUR EYEBALL! But hey, you know what they say about how pain is an excellent motivation? No pain, no gain, right?

Neuromods aren't the only things that are spread out through the levels. Make sure you pick up everything you can pick up and collect, because you can throw everything you don't need or can't use in the Recycle Bin. This awesome machine recycles all kinds of items to the basic materials of what they're made of. In turn, these materials can be used in the Fabricator to make Med kits, bullets and other needful things.

You have to be on your guard at all times, because enemies have the ability to assume the form of all kinds of objects. So you enter a room and, at first sight, it looks to be completely safe. But if you walk close enough to a chair, a trash bin or even a gun you were hoping to pick up because you desperately need a gun or its ammo, you might be proven wrong in assuming it was safe. With a disturbing sound, the transformation is announced and you now have to defeat an enemy. But there is some good news; you can learn to perform this mimicking ability as well. Pretty neat, don't you think?

Prey is an awesome game, with a thrilling story and so much ways to play your game. Depending on how many side quests you want to complete and the choices you make, Prey offers you an average of twenty hours of gameplay. I cleared my conscious by choosing other answers during testing day, but after playing this intense story in a eerie setting, I can't be sure that I will actually have a peaceful sleep tonight...

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May 5, 2017