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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 30, 2014

You start by picking out a puppy. You can choose between a husky, a dalmatian, a labrador and a collie. Theyíre all very cute, so I wanted to adopt them all. But since I had to make a choice, I chose a grey husky.

You return to your virtual home with your newly adopted puppy. Here you discover several options you can do. There is a shop where you can unlock toys, foods, clothes and more with buddy points. These buddy points you can earn together with your puppy. When you give him food and water for the first time, buddy points. When you perform a trick, buddy points. When he digs something out of the ground, buddy points. Okay, I think you get the point.

Besides petting your dog and taking care of him, there is also an adventure to experience together. In your house thereís a book about King Rufus and his dog Cosmos. They lived a long time ago. Cosmos had a beautiful golden outfit and the king of course had many treasures. But the treasures are lost, including Cosmosí golden outfit, so now itís up to you and your puppy to solve this mystery.

This adventure makes this game really worth playing. The game starts up a little slow, because it takes some time before your puppy can open the gate. But once out there, you earn buddy points at a quick pace. There is much to unlock and collect. In doing so your puppy learns new tricks and develops his skills.

The PS Vita offers you some cool and unique features. Every day you start up the game the puppy will recognize you through the camera. Also he or she will respond to your voice. You can call him or tell him to perform a trick. One of the coolest features of playing on the PS Vita is that you can have your puppy in your own living room. When you enter a door in your digital house, the Vita will switch to the camera. You can see your own room and the Vita will display your puppy in it, walking and playing in it.

It takes some practice to get used to the controls. The lift stick is used to move and control the camera at the same time. It is a little tricky, but youíll get to used to it. The graphics of this game are nice. The puppies look cute and the environment realistic.

This game has a few rpg elements worked into it as well. You can follow the main story, but you can go wherever you want to go. Or stay at the house and play Frisbee or do an obstacle run. By playing these games your puppy will evolve. You can also bury objects for your friends online to find.

PS Vita Pets is a great game if you like puppies and adventure games with rpg elements. It isnít a hard game nor is it filled with action, it is mostly fun! But thatís why we play games, isnít it?

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Spiral House & Sony
June 4, 2014