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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 28, 2017

Are you familiar with the game Puyo Puyo? Or are you still dreaming about Tetris blocks falling down? Then we have some terrific news for you! Puyo Puyo Tetris combines these two puzzle games. And there is so much to do and to discover!

Tetris was the first game I played on the Game Boy (yes, the original one) This game was so cool, I can still hear the original soundtrack in my head, just thinking back. I know all different kind of blocks and what's the best way to use them. I remember how to.. well, let's say I played Tetris a lot and I still have a soft spot for it. In short, you have to line up blocks of different shapes and form horizontal lines. When you succeed in completing such a line, it will disappear. As long your blocks don't reach the top of the playing field, you're doing a great job.

I honestly have to admit I had no idea what Puyo Puyo was. But I'm glad I do now. This puzzle game works a little different than Tetris. Instead of blocks, little blob-looking creatures fall down. You have to create chains. If you are able to connect at least four Puyo's of the same color, they will disappear. And again, as long as you don't let the Puyo's reach the top of the playing field, you can go on with the game.

In case you don't know one or both games, don't worry. In the main menu you'll find a category that is titled "Lessons". Here you'll learn all the basics you need to know about both games. There are lessons for beginners, advanced players and experts. Even if you know Puyo Puyo and/or Tetris, there might be some new tips and tricks for you in store here. So make sure you pay this category a visit!

Puyo Puyo Tetris combines these two games. The Main Menu contains more than the tutorial category. There are different categories to choose from. You can play the Adventure, which offers you a story line. Or play the Solo Arcade with all kinds of challenges en modes against CPU. If you prefer to battle against real players all over the world, then you should really give the category Online a try. Or play together with your friends at home in Multiplayer.

Each category has some real awesome modes in store for you. Most of time you can choose if you want to play Tetris or Puyo Puyo, but at some occasions the two puzzle games are mixed together. That's where the fun and chaos starts. It's really challenging to let Puyo's and Tetris blocks disappear when there are in the same playfield. Or try to play Puyo Puyo in one playfield and Tetris in the second one. Switch between them and try to complete both games!

How much can you do with just two puzzle games? Well, the teams behind Puyo Puyo Tetris definitely proven that the answer to this question is: a lot! In great and colorful graphics, Puyo Puyo Tetris offers a lot of modes, challenges, chaos and above all: fun!

available on:

Sonic Team (website in Japanese) & Sega
April 2017 (NA / EU)