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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 27, 2015

For all you fans of Portal out there, here's a bit of good news: there is another first person puzzle game available: Q.U.B.E., and although it had been around for a while, we at DumeeGamer.com were as happy as a puppy with two tails to get our hands on the newly released PS4 version of the Director's cut of this game.

your Q.U.B.E. journey starts with you, waking up in a strange environment and wearing a strange suite. Very soon you hear a woman talking to you, saying she wants to help you. She says you’re in a spaceship and she’ll try to get you out as soon as possible. In the mean time you should try to make your way through the spaceship and start solving puzzles along the way to destroy the ship from the inside out. In order to restore your memory she will tell you some stories about your own life. These stories are sometimes sad while at other times you come off as really cruel. They got me thinking: What kind of strange person is this main character?

You’ll need to make your way through a labyrinthine environment, filled with blocks. In a white room you’ll find several colored blocks: green, red, yellow or blue. The green ones are ordinary blocks. The red ones can be extended or retracted in a certain direction. The yellow blocks always appear in a three-in-a-row pattern, with the block you aim your reticule at extending the highest of the three. Lastly, the blue blocks function as launch pads. Combining these blocks gives you a lot of opportunities to make your way through the room and reach the exit, a door that leads you to yet another room and another challenge.

During your puzzle solving, you will hear a man talking to you, warning you. You’re not in a spaceship, but taken prisoner somewhere underground and the nice woman you’re hearing is working for an 'evil' company with bad people. You’re being tested and chances are you probably won’t make it. This is mind twisting! So during the puzzle solving I kept thinking which of the two people I should trust.

Okay, back to the puzzle solving. The puzzles are well thought out and every sector offers you some new tricks. So after the first sector you’ll think you know how it works. But then in the next sector you’ll have to solve the puzzles in pitch dark. Or you’ll have a little ball you'll need to manipulate through a course. And in the next room, that ball has to be orange to match a orange platform. I had to think very hard to solve some of these puzzles. And did I already tell you that you can also manipulate some of the rooms? You can twist and turn certain areas with pink arrows, which gives you a whole new perspective on the problem at hand. Some rooms even utilize a magnetic force which can be turned on or off in order to manipulate the green blocks in a room, opening up a whole new array of possibilities.

The uncertainty of who to trust adds a uncomfortable feeling while playing Q.U.B.E. It reminds me of the movie The Cube. I liked that movie a lot, so I’m happy with that. The gameplay, the look and feel reminds me of the Portal series, which (in my opinion) is also a good thing. Though Q.U.B.E. is reminiscent of the Portal games, I must stress the fact that the developers created a very different game. The way you solve puzzles is very different from the Portal mechanic, but just as fun. It involves the same kind of lateral thinking, but uses it in different ways.

So ultimately I must say C.U.B.E. is a fantastic puzzle game! It will challenge you every time. If you like a game like Portal, your definitely should try this one. And if you want to have a Cube-like experience, again, this game is really one you should try. I, for one, really liked it a lot!

available on:

Grip Games
May 2014 (PC)
July 22, 2015 (PS3 / PS4)
July 24, 2015 (XBox One)
August 2015 (Wii U)