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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 19, 2017

During my time at Screenshake 2017 last February, I met Steven Delrue from indie developer, Rusty Bolt. I was able to play a demo of his upcoming game, Revolve. At Indigo 2017, I met Steven again and managed to get my hands on a full version of the game. So let's get going and take a look at the full game, shall we?

I remembered this game being a lot of fun, as well as a brain basher, all at the same time. Revolve is a cool looking puzzle game in which you take control of a drone and have to lead it through all kinds of highly dangerous levels. Now that I have played the full game, I must say, it's still the awesome game I played back in February, but with some newly added features!

During the game, you can collect upgrades. These upgrades are special abilities that you can perform with your drone. This first of abilities is boost; to move forward quickly, you use the boost. You can only boost forward (to the right). But what if there is an obstacle in your way? That's where the jump ability comes in. Third one on the list is the ability to brake. Your boost will push you forward for a certain distance, which is fine in itself. But, what if the boost is too long and you're in danger of crashing into one of the many dangers the game holds? Well, it's at a time like this, that you'll be thankful for the ability to stop your drone at any time. The final ability lets you switch gravity. Instead of moving on the ground you can also use the ceiling as a means of transportation, which is also very handy to avoid danger. The gravity reversal ability was new to me, I didn't see it during the demo. It's an awesome and very useful feature.

And what dangers might your drone encounter, I hear you ask? Well, the levels are situated in space and your playground consists of metal objects. Many different kinds of metal objects are used to build a course. But sometimes, for instance, the metal is extremely hot and your poor drone will be destroyed upon impact. And because Revolve doesn't feature checkpoints during a level, you'll have to start all over again if your drone is wrecked. Right! Don't touch the hot and melting metal, got it!

When you progress through the levels, you will notice a kind of light bulbs strewn around the stages. The first ones you will encounter are blue and, if you catch them, will let you manipulate non-gravity objects. These objects can be manipulated to form bridges for you to cross or they will even reveal new paths.

If it has always been your dream to design cool puzzle levels yourself, this is your chance. Revolve not only features a single player campaign, but also a mode that lets you build your own Revolve levels and share them with other players. This means that you can, not only, play the many levels Steven has built for us, but also levels made by other players. Of course, I needed to try this for myself. So, if you're playing a level called "My first level", you're playing my very first level designed in Revolve. And I wish you very much fun with it. (okay, to be honest, it's not that hard... This is mainly because I wanted to build a level that I would be able to complete myself)

Revolve is an excellent Triggeractive platformer and offers you seventy levels for you to solve, divided into ten chapters. The game's graphics and soundtrack are beautiful and complete the whole sci-fi dystopian world of Revolve. While chapter one is fairly easy to complete and is a good way to get to know the abilities of your drone, the chapters after that become more and more complicated by the minute. So yes, Revolve is a really cool game and more than decent challenge for every puzzle fan out there!

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Rusty Bolt
Februari 14, 2017