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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 30, 2015

The first time we laid eyes on Roche Fusion was during our time at Epicon Summer 2014. This vertical scrolling space shooter is a blast from the past, but updated and upgraded. Smooth graphics, fantastic upgrades and a soundtrack that fits the theme perfectly, Roche Fusion delivers the goods in every area. The creators of the game, Amulware, describe it as a fast paced, exploding, over the top shoot 'm up, in which the player(s) fight ever more aggressive, deadly and crazy waves of enemies while upgrading their own ship with equally destructive items.

First off, I really want to mention the soundtrack. What an awesome music is played during the game. It kind of reminds me at the arcade and 8 bits games. It has far superior sound quality, but the feel is still there! It can totally drive you paranoid with it sometimes frantic melodies, or just leave you happily shaking your head to the rhythm of the song. It's usually the latter for me, because that kind of sounds make me happy.

Another thing that greatly increases my 'Joy-factor' is the gameplay itself. Itís smooth and easy... to master, that is. Don't think for a second the game itself is easy, because it really isn't. Ok, it starts off relatively simple, but as any good game should, it fairly goes into total overdrive and makes you wish you have four eyes and two brains to keep up with all the action going on on-screen. So in essence, everyone can join. Whether youíre a skilled gamer or never played a game in your life before. However, the experienced player will have a lot more fun, because he will more easily stand up to the seemingly endless waves of (very cool looking) enemies Roche Fusion throws at you. So to sum it up for you; this game is harder than it looks, and it looks amazing.

At the start of the game you choose your spaceship. At first you'll only have one type of ship at your disposal, but as you complete more and more stages, other ships will be unlocked. Each ship has its own stats and starting abilities. Once you have selected your ship, you start the level and start blasting everything that moves. My tactic (which was actually recommended to us at Epicon by one of the guys from Amulware) was to keep the fire button pressed the whole time. So basically, you enter a stage, press the fire button and hang on for dear life! And that actually kind of works, and why shouldn't it?! Because if you were to press and release the fire button every time you need to shoot something, your controller would eventually catch on fire or disintegrate and on top of that, your finger would fall off. So after a couple of rounds dying in the third or fourth stage, I managed to make it to the first big boss fight.

Now thatís when all hell really breaks loose! If you thought the enemies in the previous stages were tough and numerous, trust me; you ain't seen nothing yet! During the first boss fight, your screen looks more like a firework display than like a computer game. But what a brilliant fireworks display it is! There is so much happening on your screen and the developers have really done their best to design a lot of different enemies and ammo, and this makes it fun and exciting to watch and play.

Another great feature of Roche Fusion is that after reaching the next stage in a level, you can choose an extra ability or weapon. My favorite was called P.E.W. This is a small companion ship who follows you around and helps you decimate the ever increasing waves of enemies by shooting them without you having to control it. And apart from being super useful, it's name does sound kind of cute and cuddly, donít you think? Choosing a companion to accompany me through a stage was the best choice for me to make whenever possible at the end of a stage. Now, other players may think otherwise, but I found it was the best way to extend my playtime. I also really liked some of the other weapons at my disposal, like Bee Hive and the Rainbow of Doom. If you get the change to try them, please do. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Roche Fusion brings back memories of the glory days of arcade gaming; the times when Galaga and Arkenoid ruled the arcade halls and gobbled up our quarters like there was no tomorrow. Roche fusion is very reminiscent of these games, but with a dash of R-Type or even Last Resort thrown into the mix. It has fantastic graphics, great music and smooth gameplay, and best of all: great replay value. And although it is more modern in every way imaginable, there is one thing that has remained the same, and that is the fun and exhilaration you'll feel when shooting everything that moves, before it shoots you! So if youíre not afraid of a good challenge and have a fondness for playing old school games in a modern setting, you should really, really, really play Roche Fusion!

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January 23, 2015