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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 20, 2017

Back in 2006, the gaming world was elated by the release of a game called Rogue Trooper. Eleven years later, Rogue Trooper is back! So it's time to flip the couch on its side, put on my helmet and enter the dangerous world of Rogue Trooper Redux!

To be honest, I didn't actually play the original game back in 2006, so to me this will be a completely new experience. In Rogue Trooper Redux, there is a war going on between Northers and Southers. I did watch the series North and South (1985) with Patrick Swayze back in the nineties but, to be honest, this really does not help me at all while playing this stealth-action game.

Okay, so what's going on here? Well, there has been a great war in which chemical and biological weapons have been heavily deployed. As a result, the planet has turned into one big poisoned ball of nastiness and if you want to set foot on it, you'll need to wear protective armor known as a bio-suit. The Southers have created a special kind of warrior through the use of genetic engineering. These combatants are immune to the deadly circumstances. They've been called the Genetic Infantry, in short GI's. The player takes the role of one of the last surviving GI's.

When a teammate dies, you can pull out their bio-chip, which will be automatically added to your weapons or gear. This is really funny, because, while playing, your teammates will comment on the things you do. And while this is quite funny, the real advantage is that collecting these bio-chips enables you to upgrade your stuff. Gunnar can be used to turn your rifle into a sentry gun for example. Helm can be used to distract enemies and to hack computers. Bagman can manufacture ammo, upgrade weapons and even lay minefields. And let's be honest; using grenades, bombs, snipers and RPG's, it just adds that little extra, don't you think?

Rogue Trooper looks amazing. I don't know if you all were impressed with the old version, but the HD graphics, remodeled assets and new special effects are awesome. And some levels really look spectacular. I yeehaa-ed out loud during a crazy chopper level where I had be very quick to nuke out some bastards who wanted to take my chopper down. And we can't have that, now can we? That's what I thought, so I made them pay for it!

I love the whole look and feel of this game. The big blue Rogue Trooper with its white shiny eyes, looks impressive and looks like something you don't want to mess with. The soundtrack is though and energetic. The menu is simple; you can easily see where you need to be to do something and then quickly return to your game. Everything is designed so you can really do what you want to do: shoot and destroy! Yes, yes, I know I should think ahead about my actions, take cover and use all the great abilities my biochip teammates have in store for me. I certainly do so, trust me. But I'm having so much fun; I'm just crazy trigger happy!

When you've completed the single player story campaign, or just want to take a break from the story line, you can enter the multiplayer mode. It offers the same fun as in the single player campaign, but now you can share the fun with other players and friends. Defend your position against incoming waves of deadly Norts in 'Stronghold', or fight your way to safety in 'Progressive' mode!

Okay, I think you get the point; Rogue Trooper Redux is really, really an awesome game. I think fans of the 2006 version can once again enjoy their beloved game, but with much better graphics. And newbees like me, who didn't play the 2006 version, can easily join the party. Rogue Trooper Redux is one game you won't regret buying!

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Tick Tock Games & Rebellion
October 17, 2017