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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 6, 2017

Do you remember the launch of the Xbox One? They had a remarkable choice for their launch title. No well-known series like Gears of War or Halo. No, they developed a whole new game for their newest console: Ryse: Son of Rome. And this month, this game is one of the Games for Gold for Xbox Gold Members.

I have to admit that I totally forgot about this title. But when I saw the presentation of April's Xbox Gold Games, I was totally blown away by the trailer of Ryse: Son of Rome. As a big fan of TV series Spartacus and movies like Centurion and the Gladiator, I was so surprised it didn't catch my eye any sooner. (I blame my day job. Having a job really takes a lot of your time!) But better late than never, right?

So I started my Ryse adventure. The first thing that stands out are definitely the graphics; this game looks amazing! When bearing in mind it's a launch title, Microsoft did certainly set the standard for their Xbox One and made one promise clear: the graphics will be awesome. And hell yeah, that is certainly the case with Ryse: Son of Rome.

The main character is Marius. When the game starts, he is not having the most awesome day of his life. But you know what they say about doors getting shut: another door will open up for you. In Marius' case it means his career in the Roman military takes a new turn. But Marius is not the kind of centurion who will give orders from the comfort and safety of his own tent, far away from the battlefield. No sir, he will fight besides his fellow soldiers.

So fighting battles is what you will do a lot in this game. And that brings me to the next thing that stands out: the amazing gameplay. The X, A, B, Y buttons all have a specific action during combat. When you are surrounded by enemies and someone attacks you from behind, while you're slashing another soldier, just hit the parry or defend button and Marius will automatically perform the right action on the right enemy. If you time it right, you can even perform a series of quick time events which slows down time and let you enjoy some awesome finishing moves.

Luckily you're not alone. You have a whole army at your disposal. And more than once you will perform some tactical tricks. Don't you love those moments when you see Roman soldiers forming a block with their shield to defend themselves and at the same time move forward? That is one of the things you can actually do in this game! And this is just a glimpse from all the amazing stuff that awaits you in Ryse: Son of Rome.

Although Marius isn't a wimp, fighting takes more than a bunch of muscles. This game offers more than a simple button bashing fight. You have to pay attention to all your attackers, asses their next move and act quickly. Enemies become more difficult to defend in a fast pace. Every time a new kind of enemy crosses your path, it will take some time to figure out what is the best approach to take in order to defeat them. But it feels so good when you finally defeat some bad ass barbarian that is the cause of multiple deaths on your side of the conflict.

Ryse: Son of Rome is truly a masterpiece. It offers an impressive single player story mode, a fair amount of options to upgrade your character and skills and an excellent multiplayer mode, all wrapped up in breathtaking visuals and outstanding design.

available on:

Crytek & Microsoft Studios
November 22, 2013 (XBox One) October 10, 2014 (PC)