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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 24, 2015

Yay, a great and brand new adventure awaits on the Wii U! And this time itís from the hand of a different developer than Nintendo. Gather your weapons and join this 2D side-scrolling adventure, brought to you by Ronimo Games!

In Swords & Soldiers II, you follow the story of a Viking named Redbeard. Another Viking, Blackbeard will steal a lamp, his wife, kebab and much more. Of course Redbeard canít just let this theft of his property slide. But, being a Viking, Instead of just talking things over (which, Iím sure youíd agree with me, would be intolerably boring), he picks up his weapon and brings the fight to Blackbeard.

Every level is introduced by a third Viking, who is very sad that he canít join the fight, because he is still recovering from the last one he was in. Heís in a wheelchair and drinks beer as a medicine. After the introductory speech by the recovering Viking, youíll set foot in the arena. The fighting in this game is very interesting. Youíll need both mana and money to bring these fights to a good end for Redbeard. So basically, every level starts with moneymaking. Youíll need carriers to bring the gold that is scattered across the battlefield back to your ship. Thatís how you make money. With the money youíve gathered you can Ďbuildí new carriers and of course soldiers. Each soldier has his or her own specialty, weakness and strength. So, there is some strategy involved and youíll need to think ahead and plan your strategy accordingly.

Aside from building soldiers and carriers, you can also cast spells, either to heal or help your soldiers or attack the enemies. This is where the mana comes into play; your mana-meter will regenerate automatically, but after two or three levels youíll burn through your mana faster than a big block V8 engine burns through fuel and your poor mana meter just canít keep up any more. But, as luck would have it, the nice people at Ronimo Games came up with a solution for just this type of problem. While playing a level, you can build structures, like a mana tower. This is really useful, but thereís a catch. Enemies can destroy your structures, so youíll have to keep an eye out for enemy forces and deal with them before they can inflict too much damage.

I must say, after about five levels or so, things get a bit more challenging. Luckily, you can replay a level, so you can try a different approach and learn from your mistakes. Or, if the task at hand is too difficult, after one failed attempt you can replay the level in easy mode. That is, IF you can live with the shame and donít care about completing the additional goals of that specific level. Let me be the first to admit, ladies and gentlemen, that I will have to learn to live with that shame... yes; I played some levels on easy mode.

But it was for the greater good. Because this game is fun, works great and looks fantastic. I like the comic style in which Swords and Soldiers II is presented, itís just so cool and colorful. Another thing I really like about the game is its humor. The Vikings are really funny and the quests you have to complete are loony. Apart from being really funny and fun to play, the levels in Swords & Soldiers II are really beautiful, so every time I caught myself wondering what the next level would look like.

If youíre done with the single player mode, you can always try to fight against your friends. The Multiplayer mode supports all kind of Wii U controllers, so youíre not limited to just the gamepad or the Wii remote. If you donít have any friends, you can challenge yourself in the Skirmishes. In these Skirmishes you can build your own army out of all the creatures, characters, spells and units youíve in the storyline so far. A very cool mode, I must say. But I donít want to spoil too much of the fun just yet. Just have fun in the Skirmishes or die trying.

So Iíll end this review by simply saying you should all give Swords & Soldiers II a try, because itís really, really, really, really, really fun to play... really! If you like comic style game and side scrolling 2D games featuring a decent strategic challenge, then Swords & Soldiers II is definitely the game for you!

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May 21, 2015