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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 23, 2019

This time of year is definitely pillow and blanket time. I'd love to curl up on the couch under a blanket with, of course, an excellent video game. Some of you might remember a video game that was released last year, which was totally into this pillow and blankets theme and, above all, really awesome. I'm talking about Sleep Tight. Back then it was only available on PC, but now Sleep Tight is back for the Nintendo Switch.

If you read my review of the PC version of Sleep Tight you know already that I am a big fan of this game. And although I was not an experienced player in the strategy games genre, I simply can't resist when you offer me the chance to defend myself with a pillow fort and a dart gun. The developers at We Are Fuzzy did a great job of bringing alive the fears you had as a kid and also the cool ways to fight said dangers. So I couldn't be more curious to see how does game works on Nintendo Switch.

Again, I like to state what an excellent job the developers did on creating a truly cool game that is easy to learn, hard to master and tons of fun to play. They managed to do this without ever frustrating the player, I might add. The concept is simple; you take the role of a little kid in his bedroom. At night, the monsters will enter your childhood domain. Using a twin stick shooter game mechanic, you'll need to defeat all enemies before getting overrun. They will attack your bedroom in waves. Whenever a wave is done, the sun comes up. During the daytime you can spend the in-game money; suns and stars. Suns and stars are used to buy health and power-ups, new skills, ammo and weapons and, last but not least, walls and turrets. The day ends when you've spent all your suns, which means you can't save up your suns but unspent stars can be taken with you to the next round.

During the first couple of levels, you might get the idea that Sleep Tight is a simple game, but don't let this happy colorful and cartoony-looking world fool you. With every new night things become more dangerous for you, resources become more difficult to collect and planning ahead it's definitely needed. The goal is to survive for as much nights as you can. Scores will be kept per character and it's really a lot of fun to try and beat your own high score.

When you scroll through the menus, you will notice that there is a lot of stuff to unlock. As you progress through the game, you spend more and more suns and stars and unlock a lot of items as you go. And believe me when I tell you that you definitely need bigger weapons and better defensive walls. Among the skills there are also some very helpful options, so carefully check all categories during day time and spend your suns and stars wisely.

When you start playing, there is only one character to choose; a little boy called Joe. During your first play through, you will probably unlock a second character, which is a girl named Brooke. After that you should really put in your best effort to unlock more characters. Requirements to do so are things like: survive 25 nights, activate all skills during one night or kill 10.000 monsters. Another one was to survive eight nights in a row without shooting. I thought it was a good idea to do that during the first eight nights, because the monsters are not that strong and quite easy to defeat. I tried to avoid them and it worked! After the first night, I could activate the Speed kill, which made avoiding the monsters easier. My devious plan worked, or so I thought. But alas, during the fifth night, a lot of monsters appeared and, in one moment of carelessness, I was caught!

The great thing about Sleep Tight is, that after this defeat, I could only laugh and immediately started thinking of another way to unlock this character. Maybe pay more attention and be more careful, or should I play and unlock more powerful weapons and better defenses, so I could let my turrets do the work for me? The game basically encourages you to think outside the box and come up with multiple solutions for one problem, which is an awesome thing to do in my book.

Sleep Tight is an awesome game and I love being able to play this little gem on my Nintendo Switch. Now I can take the fun with me wherever I go! It's a game that both kids and adults can enjoy. It's challenging, it looks cute and it works like a charm! When you mix Disney's Monster Inc with the strategy video games genre, this is exactly what you would hope the result would be! So, when you go to bed tonight, don't forget to check for monsters under your bed and Sleep Tight!

available on:

We Are Fuzzy
January 24, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
July 26, 2018 (PC)