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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 27, 2019

This is actually a funny story. We, Ferry and Diana, have been curious about this game for a long time now. We both love a good horror story, so that's something this game might offer us. On the other hand, if it comes to playing a horror title, our preferences lie with games in which we have an arsenal of weapons at our disposal...

So, what's are we to do? Well, let's just say this conundrum solved itself, when we received the offer to try Slender: The Arrival, because it's going to be released for another console, in this case the Nintendo Switch. You'll probably understand that we are definitely taking this chance to get hands on with this game and hopefully get answers to all our questions.

The intro message immediately sets the right mood: "You're on your own, and your survival is up to you." Well, thanks for the pep talk, guys. Okay, never mind, let's do this! Let's start with the menu, another area in which the developers completely nailed the eerie style the game requires. Everything is dark, the writing is white and looks like it's scratched into the black background of the menu. It was a bit hard to read at some points, but I'm sure, like us, you'll eventually manage. Add some very disturbing noises to this mix and you'll immediately realize that this is definitely not Disney World.

Ferry is the bravest of the two of us, so he gets the controller and I get my reassuring Pillow Fort. After Ferry checked the options, we were good to go. It took some fiddling with the gamma settings, but we got it right and were ready to play. what, exactly? Well, Slender: The Arrival is a first person horror survival game and what caught our eye from the start is the record icon in your right corner. What is it for? Are we looking and experiencing some other person's memories? Or do I create my own footage just in case something happens to me? Both options don't really come across as being very comforting, right?

After walking through a forest for a bit, we come across a house. When we entered it, we can't miss the disturbing drawings on the wall. Well, I find them immediately disturbing, Ferry is more like: "Hmm, drawings. I mean, this wallpaper wasn't the prettiest to begin with anyway, but why vandalize a perfectly good wall?" The drawings we're talking about are sketches of trees and a human figure. Someone has been drawing these things on the wall, but there's no one around. uh-oh! And another thing; why would anyone draw stuff on the all? Well, we have no idea at the moment. So, while Ferry is looking for clues to this mystery throughout the different rooms in the house, I expertly fortify my pillow fort.

It's damn dark in the house. First we thought it was our settings, but it quickly becomes evident that the darkened state of the house is on purpose, because it is then that we find a flashlight. And that's not the only thing we find. We find messages and other correspondence. It's clear you need to discover what happened here. So, to sum it all up; you start out playing Slender: The Arrival with absolutely no clue as to who you are and why you are where you are in the first place. There is no tutorial and not much to give you much background info.

This is a kind of game where you have to find out for yourself how to play and connect the dots in order to unravel the mystery filled story. Eventually we find out we're looking for a woman called Kate. And that's just step one. Actually finding her is not an easy task, let me tell you! And while I still think I would have felt a lot safer with a shotgun instead of a flashlight, this is a whole other type of game, of course, which focuses on scaring instead of action. Slender: The Arrival for Nintendo Switch is a great opportunity for fans of the game to have the possibility to experience the horror wherever they go and Switch owners who don't know this game can now get to know the game that made many a grown man scream like a little girl!

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Blue Isle Studios & Parsec Productions
June 20, 2019