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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 20, 2020

This is actually one of those games that I didn't know of, but was told about by several of my colleagues. One of them in particular was really looking forward to the 14th of February, because it was this day that saw the release date of the game I'm talking about: Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold. It was explained to me that we were dealing with a dungeon crawler and I like this genre. Add some funny looking characters and a colorful world to this mix, and I'm there!

Snackworld starts off things with their very own, over-the-top theme song. It has been a very long time since I actually saw a video game use something like that. I really like it, but don't worry; if you're not into it, you are able to skip it and go to the main menu right away. Once there, musically inspired or not, the first thing you need to do is create a character. To do so, you will be presented with the u sual suspects as far as choices go: gender, build, height and appearance options. Every single one of these options are presented in the same whimsical style that permeates the entire game.

The adventure starts when you are found at the edge of the Kingdom of Tutti Frutti. At the time, you are unconscious, but the good people of this kingdom decide to take care of you and make sure you're back on your feet in no time. Besides your name, you can't remember anything else about who you are and where you are from. The king has an excellent idea to solve your problems; do not worry about the amnesia! He suggests that, seeing as how there is a lot to do in this town, working keeps your mind occupied and free of any problems. Talking about problems, I think the king might have a few of his own going on, starting with the overall demeanor of his beloved but demanding daughter Melonia, who seems to be, for lack of a nicer description, a shallow, spoiled little brat.

The first thing you receive is a mobile communication device called a Pix-e-Pod. This device allows you to communicate with the King over long distances, but also offers a few other capabilities, like a camera, which we will come back to later on, and a map of the kingdom. The King also hands you a number of permits. You see, in the kingdom of Tutti Frutti, things are strictly regulated and you'll need permits for almost anything. Luckily, the game awards you with just the permits you need as you dungeon-crawl your way through its wacky but fun and pun-filled story.

Pretty soon after meeting the King, you'll find yourself in several tutorial levels, where you will learn about the basics of the game. You'll learn how to use your inventory, how to make the most out of shopping and how to select quests. When you complete a quest, you always get a chance to go back to the town via a fast travel portal. The king is also very happy with all your hard work and will reward you for your time and effort. Depending on the results of a mission, you might receive a treasure chest or two... or four... or five. You are awarded these chests for various accomplishments during a mission. For example, you can get rewarded for a not using health items, dealing the most damage, or taking good care of your party during your quest.

But why is this game called Snackworld, I hear you ask? Well, it's because of all the snacks, although they might be a little different than what you imagine right now. I'm not talking about peanuts or popcorn here. In Snackworld, you are able to register monsters as snacks, which basically means adding members to your team as battle buddies. While defeating enemies left and right, once in a while, you'll get the chance to recruit a Snack for your party. The game will draw your attention to this fact by placing a text balloon with "Photo Opportunity" in it above your character's head. You can now walk up to the enemy in question and start a mini game called Snack Shot Chance. If you succeed in getting the shot right, the Snack will be recruited and added to your collection as a Snack Card.

Snacks will automatically become the same level as you. By placing a Snack Card in the Party Snack slot, you will take this Snack with you on quests, in which case it becomes a Party Snack; an ally that follows you and attacks enemies on its own. But that's not all! Snacks can also be used as Pocket Snacks. As you might suspect, you can also assign snacks to be in your pocket and summon them while in battle, instead of having it follow you around all the time. These Snacks are the Pocket Snacks. You get the control of the Pocket Snack as if you were it and fight bad guys with it.

Now, the main difference between Pocket Snacks and Party Snacks is the fact that Pocket Snacks are only at your side for a limited time. When you start your adventure, you are limited to taking only two Pocket Snacks with you at any given time, but as you progress through the game, you'll be able to unlock more Snack slots and have up to six snacks in your pocket eventually. There are twelve families of snacks, which consist of several monsters, so you can collect and combine your party in many, many ways.

Of course, any good Dungeon Crawler wouldn't be complete without tons of NPC's and cool weapons, now would it? Luckily, Snack World has both. The world is filled with NPC's for you to talk to and interact with. This brings us to the weapons o, in this case, Jaras. Jaras are teeny tiny weapons you can buy in shops around the world. These weapons can then be enlarged and used in battle. There are many types of Jaras, so be sure to test them all. Not all monsters are vulnerable to the same weapon type, so also be sure to switch out Jaras and try to find out which type of monster can best be harmed by what Jara. Doing so will definitely make your life quite a bit easier!

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold is a great game to play by yourself, but why not share the fun with other players? Doing so might actually make things easier for you, because however colorful and cut the overall design of the game is, don't be fooled; you'll have to be at your very best and bring your "A"-game if you want to stand a chance to complete all missions and beat the enemies in this game! If you're not at your best, this game will eat you up!

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February 14, 2020