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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 3, 2014

Karl has to be on his best when performing in Africa. The heat, the sun, the enemies. Itís a disaster. Lucky for Karl he has brought his best friend, his sniper rifle. Sniper Elite games are known for their unique cut scenes when you shoot someone. And this part is no exception; in detail you see the bullet hit the body of the enemy. The pain, the agony, the suffering, oh cruel fate!

Another characteristic trait of this series is the tactical approach. Of course you can run into the action right away, but quickly you will learn that patience is your ally. Think in which order you will take out enemies and then try how that plan is working out. The sniper rifle is the weapon you begin with, but soon youíll have other weapons as well. Very handy when you have to take out enemies in close quarters.

Right from the start this game is filled with action. Enemies are shooting, airplanes are flying over and dropping bombs and you have to stay calm and come up with a plan. For example how to blow up a car or even better, a tank. And you can use these noises in your advantage to cover your shooting.

It's not good for you as a sniper to stay at one place. First, because the Africa corps love flushing out static snipers with their grenades. And second, the graphics are really good and it feels like Africa. The sounds of gunfire, the voice-acting and explosions are good. Regularly Karl letís you know what he thinks about the situation and his one-liners are funny and good advice.

You can play this game at several difficulties. So you can improve yourself and replay this game. Also at the end of each level you see your stats presented. How many kills, time to complete the level, in other words everything a elite SSO wants to know about his mission. And there are over 50 achievements in Sniper Elite II: Africa. So there's more then enough to enjoy.

If you like to join your friends online for a bit of sniping fun, then we have good news for you. Sniper Elite III Africa has also a multiplayer mode. This way you compete with your friends and challenge each other during this war.

Speaking of challenges, Sniper Elite III: Africa comes with a challenge mode. This mode can really improve your style, Which gives you an advantage during single or multiplayer missions.

Sniper Elite III: Africa brings you action, stealth and shooting in the heart of Africa. And for everyone out there who canít get enough of splatter shots, your wishes will be granted.

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Rebellion, 505 games & Level 03
June 27, 2014