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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on December 5, 2017

What would you do if you father died? Or, to be more precise; if he was murdered by terrorists? What if you had the weapons and the right organization to back you up? It would be excruciatingly hard not to take revenge, am I right?

During the introduction of Soldiers of the Universe, we meet our protagonist, Hakan, who is having one major off day. First, his father calls him, but not for a social call. He calls Hakan to warn him of imminent danger. Turkey is threatened by terrorists and there is only one party who can rid the country of this terrorist threat: The Toyga of Akinci Warriors. Hakan's father is a member of this secret organization, but unfortunately he is murdered during your phone call. Right before he died, he luckily managed to mention the secret organization he was a member of, so naturally, you're going to pay this mysterious party a visit.

During a very important and secret meeting the members of these Akinci Warriors, the four most significant members of this group are introducing themselves and explaining their field of expertise. Literally, they are all like: "I am ... and I'm responsible for this department". All though it isn't the most usual way to introduce characters, it is immediately clear who is who and why they are in the game. And why they are going to send you on various missions where you'll need to fight terror organizations at Southeast Anatolia, North Syria and Istanbul.

During your first mission, you'll have to get to know the controls. There is no specific tutorial, it's more like you have to figure it out on your own. I connected my controller because I always hope for controller support. And besides the camera movement, controller support is there. So my guess is, that controller support will be available in the future. But, since it is kind of hard to not be able to move your camera, I switched over to keyboard and mouse for now.

In this first mission, you'll get your hands on a sniper rifle, which works very well. Later on in the game more weapons will be made available to you. And let's not forget about grenades you can throw for some nice explosions! Speaking about things that blow up, you should always keep an eye out for barrels. Most of the time when you see a barrel, you can assume that there will be enemies nearby. So make the most out of your bullets and blow that shit up!

Overall, the game looks decent and plays rather nicely. I set the game's difficulty at "Easy", but I must admit, even then I struggled! When you get into cover, everything is fine. As soon as you leave you cover however, enemies will start shooting at you. The red damage indicators around your reticule show you the direction from which the bullets are coming, but I'm not sure how accurate these are. Most of the time, I had a really hard time finding the enemy that was shooting me. I couldn't locate them and when I could, there were simply too far away to hit.

Soldiers of the Universe is a game that definitely needs some polishing. I think it's wise to fix (or completely leave out) the controller support, so that there can be no uncertainties there. As far as the locating of the enemies goes, that is a matter of your skills and how much you want a challenge, because it's rather challenging at this moment. If these things get fixed, I think you have a fairly good game, especially if you look at the Steam price, which is €14,99 or the comparable price in your country.

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Rocwise Entertainment
November 30, 2017