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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 8, 2015

To be honest, this is my first time playing a Saints Row game... Is that bad? Well, I think Iím going to figure that one out on my own by reviewing Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

As Iíve just mentioned, I did not play any of the other installments in this series. What I can tell you however, is that this series began in 2006 with Saints Row for Xbox 360, followed by Saints Row 2 (2008) and Saints Row the Third (2011), which were all developed by THQ. But after their unfortunate demise, Deep Silver took over the series. This resulted in Saints Row IV (2013) and the most recent installment in the series: Saints Row - Gat out of Hell. Now, I could sum up every fact known about the series, but seeing as how I didnít play any of them, Iíll skip history lesson and show you the world of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, seen through the eyes of a Johnny...

So this is the story; At a particularly dull birthday party a couple of friends want to try an Ouija board. This decision and a warp hole to hell bring this party to a premature end. One of the party members is kidnapped and transported to hell by no other than Satan himself! Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington (being the good friends they are) volunteer to get him back.

I start this game as Johnny Gat, and heroically jump into the wormhole to search for my kidnapped friend. After my arrival in Hell I learn how to control my character during the course of this game by completing the tutorial. Iím happy with that, but Iím surprised the game doesnít ask me if I want to go take the trouble of going through the tutorial. So Iím guessing that there are some new controls everybody has to learn, whether youíre an experienced Saints Row player or a rookie. The flying in particular is pretty exciting and tricky at the same time. It took me some practice to land right in the spot that I wanted and not in the burning pool of deadly lava next to the aforementioned spot.

After meeting up with Dane Vogel (an old acquaintance whoís offered to help me on my quest), I have to get Satanís attention by creating the biggest mess I possibly can and in doing so, gain the allegiance of potential allies, ranging from Kiki & Viola DeWynter and William Shakespeare to Blackbeard and Vlad the Impaler. Satan, however, seems to be having enough problems of his own, on account of him having a daughter, Jezebel, who is currently in her teens. And, as we all know, this is a difficult age to be in.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is an open world game. You can basically do what you want, whenever you want. This does present me with a problem; I tend to lose track of the in-game story when I play this type of games, because of all the side missions. This is mainly because of the fact that Iím always afraid to miss out on anything, for instance that one cool weapon that will make my life easier when I have to face that next big ass boss. So I usually just go on every quest the game presents me with, just so I can get my hands on any item the game has on offer.

But in this case, I didnít even get the chance to get lost. To proceed in the story, you actually have to complete certain missions. The game automatically set my GPS to the same mission over and over again, without my asking it to do so. When, for example, playing games like Prototype or Grand Theft Auto, you can just play through the main storyline and ignore the secondary missions if you like. Usually, these secondary missions would be things like Flying a predetermined route as fast as you can, slaying as much enemies as you can within the time limit, etc. In Saints Row, these secondary objectives are actually part of the storyline. Thatís good newsÖ if youíre good at completing them, that isÖ

The first and foremost strongpoint of the Saints Row series is the in game jokes and the overall humorous approach the developers took to making these games. I laughed out loud during the cut scenes in which Satan and his daughter Jezebel get into an argument. In one of these scenes, Satan declares Jezebel is his possession and she has to do whatever he says. Jezebel on the other hand, just wants to be free of him, and defies him every chance she gets. This incessant arguing takes the shape of a musical scene, which at times reminds me of Disney movies. So yes, there is arguing going on a lot of the time, but in a good and humorous way.

So, my first encounter with a Saints Row game was actually not a bad one at all. Iím usually not a big fan of sandbox games, but this was actually fun to play. There are a lot of options in missions, controls and game play. Much attention has been paid to these matters in detail. And itís exactly this attention to detail that makes you feel you might not want to get out of hell at all. Sorry, I know this joke is too easy, but I couldnít resist!

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January 20, 2015