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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 27, 2018

March 2017 saw the release of Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch. This latest release in the Bomberman series was developed by Konami and HexaDrive and offered the fans the classic Bomberman feel, along with a whole new set of game mechanics and game modes! Now, a some fifteen months later, PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners can also join in the fun, because Super Bomberman R is finally released for these systems! So gather your bombs and get ready to unleash some serious explosions! oh, and try not to blow yourself up...

Before I start my review, I have a confession to make; I never played a Bomberman game before in my life. But whenever somebody is talking about these game, it's always full of enthusiasm. People tell me how much fun they had playing Bomberman. So when I heard about Super Bomberman R, I didn't hesitate for a second; I need to know if I would like Bomberman too! So yes ladies and gentlemen, Super Bomberman R is going to be my first Bomberman game ever! And boy, what a way to get introduced to the series!

As we start the game, we first get to choose between two main game modes: Standard and Grand Prix. Let's take a look at the Standard mode first, shall we? This mode offers you a campaign and a battle game. The Battle game is pretty much self-explanatory; pick up a controller and see who is the best at blowing their opponents sky-high. The battle mode offers you the chance to battle against others in both local and online multiplayer versus battles. Up to eight players can join the game with a maximum of four players locally. The goal of the game is simple; the last man or woman standing, is the winner. But if you get bombed out of the game, you can always take your revenge, in the revenge carts. The revenge carts are placed around the play field and offers you the opportunity to throw bombs at your opponents from the sideline. This feature almost makes it worthwhile to be the first one to be kicked out!

But then, next to all of this PvP fun, there's the Campaign, in which we really get to meet the Bomber Bros. The Bomber Bros are a group of dedicated protectors of the universe. They are all named after a certain color and have specific abilities. The Bomber Bros are truly devoted to keep the world safe, which is a good thing, because the mean and evil Emperor Buggler has awoken five dastardly bombers and he plans, as one might suspect from a mean and evil emperor, to take over the universe. He demands our brave Bomber bros to surrender and warns them that, when they choose to fight him, they'll have to challenge the five dastardly bombers. And, according to the emperor, this can only end in tears for our heroes. So now it's up to us to prove the emperor wrong.

You can play the story mode as a beginner, a veteran or an expert. The basics of every level will be well known to every Bomberman fan; take down your opponent by placing bombs and make sure you don't blow up yourself. During the game you can collect abilities and power ups like walking faster, being able to place more than one bomb at the same time or even a bigger bang for your bombs. You can play the campaign in coop mode and face the dangers together with a friend. This can be a bit tricky, because now you have to pay attention to both your own bombs and the bombs placed by your team mate, but it also has an advantage! Because now it's a lot easier to box in an enemy. And above all, it's a lot of fun!

Of course I asked my husband, Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams, to join me on this noble bombing quest. And ok, there might have been a few times when we shouted out "sorry" or "watch out" during the somewhat more enthusiastic periods of bomb placing, but no serious accidents occurred. For the record, we're still husband and wife, so no broken marriage here after playing Super Bomberman R here. We had enormous amounts of fun while happily blowing stuff up! And I must say, especially during the boss fight, it's very handy to be with two players instead of one.

Now, as I've mentioned at the start of this review, there is another mode available for play: The Grand Prix! This game mode is an excellent way for you and your friends to split into two teams and decide once and for all who is the ultimate Bomberman team. Grand Prix is a local and online multiplayer, tournament-style versus mode, in which two teams compete for victory. Up to six players can join in the fun and blow each other up! The basic setup of a grand prix match is simple; just select the number of players, choose a stage and decide which player will be in which team. Last thing you need to do, is choose the set of rules you are going to play by: Basic Bomber or Crystal.

In Basic Bomber, each player starts off with a certain number of lives. The players can keep on respawning as long as they have lives. The object of this mode is to eradicate the opposing team as many times as possible. You score a point for each player you blow up. When the timer hits zero, the team with the most points wins. When, however, a team manages to make their opponents go through all their lives before the time is up, that team is immediately declared the winner! The Crystal mode adds a little twist to the bombing buffet; each team needs to collect crystals to gain points. Each crystal gives you one point, but be careful. If you're hit by bombs, you lose half your crystals. Also, during a round, a barrage of "soft" walls will shower down on the playing field, so you'll need to clear these to create a path.

But wait, there's a third game that you can play when participating in the Grand Prix mode: Checkpoints. In this game, both teams aim to score points by occupying checkpoints that appear across the arena. To occupy a checkpoint, simply stand on it and a gauge will slowly fill. Sounds easy, right? Well, please keep in mind that when you're standing on a checkpoint, you're not moving, which makes you a perfect target for bombs. So now, you'll need to keep an eye on both your enemy's whereabouts and the checkpoints you want to occupy. You can also enter checkpoints that are currently occupied by the opposing team and try to steal them from under their noses. And, as always; the team that has the most points at the end of the match, wins!

Whichever mode you decide to play; you will earn money along the way. And what do we usually do with money? Correct, we spend it! You can spend your hard earned cash at the shop and purchase items for your characters, or even use your earnings to unlock new characters. And trust me when I say that the game has some very special bombers for you in store. For example, how about the Master Chief Bomber, the Ratchet and Clank Bomber or even a bomber based on the iconic Pyramid Head character from the Silent Hill games? And, better yet, the original voice actors of these characters will bring these exclusive bombers to life! And if you ever get bored by the standard variety of arenas, no worries; the developers added twenty-two new arenas for you to buy, discover... and blow up!

I can only conclude this review by saying that I'm definitely a fan of the BomberMan games. Super Bomberman R is a great game to play by yourself or enjoy with your friends! It's exactly as people often say: The more the merrier! Or in this case; The bigger the crowd, the bigger the chaos! I can heartily recommend this game to everyone who simply wants to have fun! Trust me, Super Bomberman R really gives you more than enough bang for your buck!

available on:

Konami & HexaDrive
March 3, 2017 (Nintendo Switch)
June 12-14, 2018 (PC / Playstation 4 / Xbox One)