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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 16, 2021

I have loved Mario games ever since I played the very first one on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 90's. And it's wonderful to see just how much these games have changed and evolved over the last 35 years. One of my all-time favorites in the series is definitely Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Wii U. And if you agree with that, Nintendo has some good news for you, because this beauty has made its comeback on the Nintendo Switch!

Super Mario 3D World is, as the title implies, a 3D platform game. And while you can play this game on your own, it is also excellent when playing it together with other players. Up to four players can join in a single game. Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, I wasn't able to invite friends over but luckily I am married, so I played Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury together with my husband Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams. If you don't have anyone in the house to play this game with, don't worry; you can also play online, provided you have a Nintendo Online account. My game came with an additional surprise; Seeing as how it is almost my birthday as well, Ferry organized an extra little something for me and ordered the Cat Mario & Cat Peach Amiibo pack for me.

So what is going on in Super Mario 3D World? Well, as per usual, Bowser has made a giant mess again, this time by kidnapping the seven Rainbow Fairies. He probably thinks this is the ultimate way to take over the world, so it's up to Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach to save the world and defeat Bowser. again! One of the single-most awesome things that are introduced in this game is the Cat power-up. Whenever you find a bell, pick it up and your hero will change into a cute looking pussycat suit. This furry power-up gives you the ability to climb walls and attack enemies with your claws.

The game offers you eight worlds in total, each containing several levels, filled with treasures to find, enemies to defeat and stars to collect. And you'll need the latter of the three to unlock the boss level of that world and to continue your quest, so be sure to earn as much stars as you possibly can. I always start positive and with full intent to collect all stars in each level, but by the time I reached the fourth world I already had a couple levels where I just thought: "Well, I'm lucky if I manage to reach the end of this level, so forget about collecting all those stars!". And while some levels are particularly tough to complete, I simply love every minute of this game. It looks bright, colorful and the environmental puzzles you'll come across are great.

The Switch version has a couple of nice extra's and improvements compared to the Wii U version. As I already mentioned, online coop is available (Nintendo Online Subscription required). In the Wii U version, the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker levels were introduced for the very first time, but they were only accessible for one player, which was a shame when playing the game with a friend. If you played together, the other player or players had to wait for player one to finish the Treasure Tracker level. You could also decide as a group to simply skip those levels, but this would mean you would miss out on some serious star action. In the Switch version, however, the developers have solved this issue; now you will be able to enter and solve this level with up to four players.

Although I absolutely love this game to pieces, I have never been able to complete it, because some levels were really hard to finish. Luckily, my wise husband ordered the Cat Mario and Cat Peach Amiibo pack. "And just what, pray tell, do these feline figures do", I hear you ask? Well, Cat Peach will add a random power up to the game and can be used once per level. And while is already awesome, the real kicker comes into play when using the Cat Mario Amiibo. This little guy adds a white Cat power-up to the mix which, upon picking up, makes you invincible. And not just for a short while, like the star that we already know from other Mario games. No, this cat suit will actually make you invincible for the remainder of the level you're currently playing. Especially when playing through the later worlds of Super Mario 3D World, it was very helpful and yes, I was finally able to finished the game!

So what to do when you've complete Super Mario 3D World? Well, this game has a second adventure in store for you, and it's called Bowser's Fury. In this game, even Bowser Jr. is afraid of his dad, because this time Bowser's fury has no limits and he can no longer distinguish between friend or foe! In one big world, there are several islands for you to explore. You'll need to activate lighthouses on the islands to keep the darkness at bay that threatens the entire world and for that you'll need Cat Shines. These Cat Shines are hidden all across the islands and it's up to you to find them. Sometimes it's matter of exploring, but other times you'll need to complete a puzzle or win a fight before you can get your hands on the coveted Cat Shines. Now, this might sounds simple, but believe me when I say it's not. Nintendo really outdid themselves with this title. It looks absolutely beautiful and it's really challenging!

Luckily, Bowser's Fury can be played with two players, so you're not on your own out there. You see, when starting out this grim adventure, Mario teams up with Bowser Jr. If you're playing on your own, you can select just how much help Bowser JR. will be. You can choose if you want a little help from him, a lot of help, or none. He will collect coins for you and helps you defeat enemies. I choose to let him help me a lot and I found it a very useful feature. While exploring you might notice Question Marks on the walls, this is also where Bowser Jr comes in. He will paint a picture there and reveal the secret this wall keeps. Most of the time it was a power up or a pipe that leads to a coins vault. If you play Bowser's Fury with two players, the second player takes control of Bowser Jr and can wield his powers.

The weather on the islands in Bowser's Fury is mostly sunny, so when the sky turns dark and it starts to rain, you know something's up. And will be correct in assuming that, because bad weather announces the arrival of Bowsers in all his furious glory. When Bowser releases his fury, it gets stormy and he will start shooting fire balls and destructive beams all around. This might complicate things, but you can also use it to your advantage. You see, there are Bowser blocks in this world and the can only be crushed by Bowsers fire beam. Bowser's Fury stops as soon as you find another Cat Shine or when you start and win a fight with him. To fight Bowser you'll have to unlock the Mega Cat Power-up bell, which is done by collecting enough of those elusive Cat Shines. Every time you use the Mega Cat Power-up, however, the total number of Cat shines you'll need to unlock it increases. Also, Bowser's fury has an effect on the world, be sure to revisit islands from time to time, especially if you we're not able to collect all available Cat Shines in certain locations. You might just find that Bowser's Fury has revealed a new path or other possibility to reach those previously unobtainable Shines.

There are simply no two ways about it, dear readers; Nintendo really outdid themselves with this awesome pack! Super Mario 3D World offers you the same great game as the Wii U version, but with a number of improvements. And the addition of Bowser's Fury is really the icing on the cake. You get not one, but two mighty adventures for the price of one!

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February 12, 2021