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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 3, 2017

If there is one game we were all looking forward to since the release of Nintendo Switch, it has got to be Super Mario Odyssey. Especially the level where Mario runs around in a "real" city. I for one couldn't wait till release day!

And that day finally arrived! I got chills from just hearing the familiar voice shouting out: Super Mario Odyssey! In this game, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach (again), but this time he wants to marry her. He is gathering all kinds of marriage items to seal the deal. Of course, Mario can't let this happen and sets out to save Peach. He confronts Bowser on his airship, but he is thrown overboard and Bowser makes for the horizon with Peach as his captive.

Because of the fall, Mario also loses his famous red cap. So he lands bareheaded in the unknown lands of Cap Kingdom. This is where he meets a very fancy looking hat, which seems to have a lot of troubles of his own; his sister, Tiara, has been kidnapped. And wouldn't you just know it; it looks like the kidnapping of this beautiful tiara is also the work of the evil Bowser. Tiara is on Princess Peach's head at the moment and she's quivering with fear, I might add.

Time for Mario to take action; he teams up with the hat called Cappy to save both Peach and Tiara. But they are going to do this in style. Cappy decides to take his place on Mario's head, but he's looking a bit too fancy for this. Cappy is a fancy top hat, so you can see the problem here, right? But luckily Cappy can turn himself into any kind of hat in the whole world, and I don't think I need to explain what kind of hat suits Mario best.

There are many different kingdoms to explore for Mario and Cappy. Every level has its own set of collectibles; special purple coins and power moons. The purple coins can only be used in the kingdom you found them, where they can be spent to buy specific stickers, clothing and souvenirs that are also available in that specific level. You can also find regular coins, which can be used in all kingdoms to buy regular clothing and items. Because the world is so big, Mario and Cappy travel in style, on an awesome airship called Odyssey. But, as any means of motorized transportation, the airship needs power.

In this case, the Odyssey is powered by so-called Power Moons. So, to be able to travel to the next kingdom, you'll need a certain amount of these Power Moons. You can also buy them in the stores, but it's actually a lot of fun to try and find them. The developers came up with some pretty smart hiding places. I visited the Sand Kingdom, in which sixty nine of these Power Moons are hidden. Yes, some of them are easy to find, but I think you'll get the picture when I tell you I only found thirty one of those moons up till now.

Mario can throw Cappy around to hit his enemies, but can also capture objects and characters with it. This way, it's possible to use the electric cables to travel, or to transform into a Goomba or even a Tyrannosaurus! There are fifty two captures in the whole game, so try to catch them all. And while you're exploring a kingdom, keep an eye out for hint art posters. These posters show an image of a place where there's something interesting for you to find. Just take a picture of them and take a look at them every now and then.

If things get too difficult for you, you can always enter a kingdom in Assist Mode, which will give you extra life hearts and an arrow that will show you the way. You can also ask your friends and family to join the party in Two Player Mode. The second player will control Cappy, so you can work together in this grand adventure.

There is so much to do in Super Mario Odyssey, I've already told you so much and I think I only told half of it. The maps, portal paintings, all the different actions you can perform are guaranteed to keep you busy for hours on end. Everything looks so amazing and with all the collectibles for you to find, you will definitely want to revisit kingdoms and try to collect every single item you possibly can! Of course, there are special Amiibo's available for this game. And did I mention the epic Boss battles of this game?

Super Mario Odyssey is really an awesome game and it's everything we all hoped for. The amount of details the developers thought of, like that Mario will look up when something interesting is in the air. Loving it! Odyssey means a long and difficult journey, but Nintendo added a new meaning to this word. Because Super Mario Odyssey is a entertaining journey which might take a lot of time to complete, but you'll love every colorful minute of it!

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October 27, 2017