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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 8, 2019

How sad would you be if your dog got kidnapped? I for one would be very sad and would do anything to get my favorite canine friend back. And that's exactly what we're going to do in a super cute platform game, developed by LightUP and ported by Ratalaika Games that goes by the name of Super Wiloo Demake.

The main story is actually very sad. An alien is very alone and bored out of his skull. He decides to step into his spaceship and take a ride through the galaxy. Completely by chance, he comes across planet Earth. He sees boys and girls playing with their animal friends and having the time of their lives. This gives the alien a wonderful idea. He comes to the conclusion that when he has an animal friend he would also be happy. And, seeing as how a lot are better than one, he decides to take all the animals of planet Earth. Naturally, the children don't agree with this plan and our main protagonist Wiloo and his friend Agatha decide to go on an adventure in order to save the their dog and who knows, maybe even all the animals of the world.

But before you go, you have a very important choice to make. And what might that be, I hear you ask? Well, which difficulty level you want to play the game on. There are three types; easy mode, normal mode and hardcore mode, the latter of which only provides you with one life. How's that for a challenge?!

This game might actually remind you of Super Mario Bros games and the mechanics are basically the same. But do you remember playing Super Mario Bros 3 and you were always hoping to find those cute raccoon or frog costumes which make your life actually easier? Do you also remember that it was pretty rare for you to actually collect them? While playing the first level of Super Wiloo Demake, I already turned into five different animals. A bee, a unicorn, a turtle and they all look super cute! And okay, this is like a tutorial, so you'll know what to expect when you find them during the game. But still, pretty awesome! And the developers did not hold back on this feature, let me tell you that. Just like in the Super Mario series, these costumes will come with a special ability. The bee has the ability to fly, the armadillo makes you spin like crazy so you can bash enemies out of the way and with the unicorn you can shoot horns towards them!

They are five different world in this game and every world has a certain amount of levels. And while every world is awesome, my favorite world is definitely the second one, because that's the one with ice creams and snow flakes and it feels very Christmassy. Besides normal levels, the game also contain bonus stages, in which you'll have to perform a kind of memory card game. The guards will show images of items you can use in game like money or costumes. So for every match you make in the Memory game you will receive the item in question.

I really enjoyed playing this game so much. It's cool to play a game which has a lot similarities with the retro Mario games, but has a lot of excellent and fun details to make it outstanding. Plus the soundtrack is really great, a very catchy tune that get stuck in your head, but in a good way. And I'm proud of myself for finding one hidden passage already, so yeah, I truly recommend playing this game. So, put on your favorite costume, show us your best moves and set out on an adventure to defeat enemies and save your dog!

available on:

LightUP & Ratalaika Games
July 31, 2019 (PS4 / PS Vita / Xbox One)
August 2, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)