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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 15, 2020

As soon as I see a cute animal, I immediately fall in love with it. So when I saw the cute and cuddly looking protagonist of a new game called Tamarin, I couldn't resist. It was love at first sight!

I was over the moon when I received my review code and I couldn't wait to start this adventure. During the intro you see a couple of Tamarin monkeys living their happy lives in a beautiful world, together with other cute creatures. Of course, all this happiness can't last forever! Evil bugs are on their way to end all this joy and laughter. They kill the cute creatures or chase them away and our main character Tamarin is all alone now.

Time for some action! At the start of the game, I'm not exactly sure whether I am supposed to search for my friends or just simply kill all the enemy bugs which have invaded our lands, but I just assume I will discover that as we go. And most of the time these two goals go hand in hand, right? In the first part of the game you will see some lighter pink objects. You can't use those yet, and a tiny message tells me, I have to unlock them later on. So I probably have to come back for this later. There is nothing left to do for me now than following the happy butterfly that shows me the way to the first level.

It is here I meet another creature; a hedgehog. Luckily, he gives me some more info about what has happened. So it seems my family has been taken away, the forest been demolished and my house is in pieces. not a great place to be, right? But the hedgehog definitely wants to help me so he hooks me up with a weapon. And not just a weapon, it's an Uzi, ladies and gentlemen!

During this first level you also get a sort of tutorial, a narrator tells you about the basics of the game. How to use that beautiful Uzi of yours for example. Your ammo is limited so always keep an eye out for ammo boxes or simply pick up what enemies have dropped after you shoot them down. You can also pick up tiny balls of energy to keep your health at a good level. And for the Collectors among us, there are birds in peril who need your help and you can collect them. Your game can be saved at checkpoints which are flags that you need to activate it, so always make sure to walk past them.

You can equip more weapons. Remember our friend the Hedgehog? Well, he seems to be a very good friend in this search for your family and is willing to trade handy items for various tokens. Coincidentally, you'll find them when exploring the levels and also some bugs have those tokens on them. Be sure to walk over their corpses after you finished them and you might find useful items, like those tokens or ammo.

Tamarin is a 3D action adventure, set in a nice colorful world. The one thing that is actually bugging me (see what I did there?) is the camera. You are able to manipulate it, but it will automatically go back to a central point, somewhere behind the main character. This is what makes it hard sometimes to aim, whether it is to aim for shooting or jumping. To be honest, it even made me a bit dizzy sometimes. So yeah, this is a bummer. The best advice I can give you here is to leave the camera alone as much as possible, so you won't experience the rotating camera that often.

All in all, I think Tamarin is a fun game and doable if you try to leave the camera alone. True, I came across some points where I just needed you shout: "What the f**k are you doing?" at the screen. But on the other hand, when I fall in love with the cuteness of the main character, I'm able to forgive some camera clumsiness.

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Chameleon Games
September 10, 2020