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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 18, 2019

Hasta la vista, baby! Who doesn't know this famous one-liner from the Terminator movies? And besides movies, we can also enjoy the Terminator via video games. Now, there are several video games about Terminator and to be honest I haven't played a single one of them. But that's going to change, because I'm going to play Terminator: Resistance. That's right people! The brave people of developer Studio Teyon created this title. So, let's see if this game is just as action-filled as the movies are.

I started the game and, oh boy! A nostalgic feeling took over right away, because I heard that well-known theme of the Terminator movies. At that moment, I also caught myself wondering if I would see Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sarah Connor at some point. But at the same time I had a bit of a scare, because a mean looking T-800 exoskeleton was staring at me from the screen. Points for the developer already!

Terminator Resistance is a single player first-person shooter. If you are no stranger to this type of games, you will get used to the control scheme within five seconds. But there is more to this game besides shooting. Scavenging, crafting and even decision-making elements are incorporated into the gameplay of this game. At certain moments you have to make a choice which always affects other people around you. So beware and think ahead before you choose. In this case, decision-making also means having more than one ending. Personally, I think that's excellent news! I love to play games I like more than just once, so it's awesome to know there are multiple endings to discover.

The story of Terminator: Resistance is an original story based on the film 'The Terminator' and 'T2: Judgement Day'. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, nearly 30 years after Judgment Day. In terms of action, I have the feeling that I will not be disappointed. The intro chapter is totally wicked and the action feels absolutely non-stop! I almost had to flip over my couch to use it as cover, before I continued playing; it was just that intense! In Terminator: Resistance you play Jacob Rivers, a member of the Pacific Division. He gets separated from his team and, most understandably, wants to be reunited with them as soon as possible. During this quest he stumbles upon a group of survivors who live amongst and under the ruins of this post-apocalyptic city of Los Angeles. They need help and Jacob decides to help and join them.

Of course this means completing a lot of missions and quests. I don't know how you feel about games with side quests, but personally I think they can be a great addition to the main story as long as I don't have to do all kinds of useless stuff. Luckily, while playing Terminator: Resistance, the side missions always pertain to the main story line and never-ever feel useless or under par. Every quest, small or big, contributes to the main story in one way or another. Plus, I didn't need to travel back and forth to give the quest-givers the things they wanted or needed; It was just updated automatically and I love that! One of my first missions actually was to find something to keep a kid occupied so he didn't constantly have to think about the bad things that were happening in and to the world around him. And okay, I will admit it; if you give me the chance to find a puppy, I will most likely never stop playing your game!

I had a blast playing Terminator: Resistance. It manages to combine elements of several games I really, really like. True, there are games out there that have better graphics, but Terminator: Resistance look really cool and the world the developers created is nothing short of awesome! Taking all things into account, I truly believe the developers at Teyon came up with a great game. You find yourself caring about the characters, the story is cool and they got rid of the things that cost you extra time, like not having to endlessly go back and forth just to complete a simple quest or the fact that you don't need to trade valuables at the shop. The stuff you find is automatically exchanged for money. Now, some people might have the feeling of missing out on things, but I am very happy with this and I can only applaud the awesome people at Teyon for developing such an excellent game!

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November 15, 2019