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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 8, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go... I just love Christmas; winter, snow, everything about is is awesome! It's the best time to curl up on the couch, with some tea or hot coco and read a book, watch a movie or, as is the case today, play a game!

The developers of Horizon: zero Dawn must have had the same idea. Just before the snow really hits our ground, they came out with an amazing piece of DLC called The Frozen Wilds. The title alone brings me right in the Christmas mood! So let's take a closer look at where I'm going to spend this seasons holidays!

Last spring, we were all looking forward to Horizon: Zero Dawn. We were blown away by the breathtaking graphics and super good-looking environments of this game. Plus, the intense and touching story of main character Aloy has found a way into our gaming hearts. Dutch developer Guerilla Games must had a great celebration party for their success. But the developers didn't just sit and rest in the meantime. And what's more suitable to create DLC that offers us a great winter adventure in. well, the winter?

The Frozen Wilds has a brand new adventure in store for our beloved Aloy. She travels North to the Banuk lands known as the Cut. There is a big plume of smoke rising from a mountain. It's up to Aloy to find out and investigate what's going on. This adventure will take us through a beautiful new part of the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn, with new characters and tough robot enemies in it. And some a really hard nut to crack! Besides an awesome main storyline, there are also many side quests for you to complete. What I love about these kind of games is that the side missions are a sort of mini story in themselves. And they are written so well that you will definitely want to complete them and help the character who gave it to you.

The game play and controls are the same as in the original game, so it's basically everything you love about Horizon: Zero Dawn, but now with a great new story. There is a new skill tree and if you have skill points left from playing the original game, you can use them in this new skill tree. And I don't know if this is because I'm a girl, but I just love the new outfits for Aloy. All with their own special feature, so if you already have a favorite outfit, it could be you'll need some time to think things over.

The Frozen Wilds looks very beautiful and detailed. Even the falling snow is amazing. It looks cold and Aloy agrees with me, because she will make comments about how freaking cold the weather is. To me it seems that, in general, she comments on things much more often, compared to Horizon: Zero Dawn. But that may also just be my imagination. (maybe some of her new outfits can help her to stay warm?)

The Frozen Wilds DLC is a very good reason to return to this beautiful world of Horizon: Zero Dawn. This year had so many awesome games and revisiting Horizon: Zero Dawn reminded me again how good this game actually is. This DLC offers everything you loved about the original game with brand new content. The controls are great, all the crafting and customize options are awesome and Aloy still kicks some serious ass!

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Guerilla Games & Sony Interactive Entertainment
November 7, 2017