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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 9, 2017

From the first time I saw the trailer of The Girl and the Robot, I knew I just had to play this game. It looked really cute and that is something that is right up my alley! Lucky for me, I have been a good girl this year, so Santa's Clause came early and brought me a nice copy of The Girl and the Robot. And now I can tell you all about this game, isn't that great?!

The Girl and the Robot is the first game by developer Flying Carpet Games. They aim to make games with an original and unique design that inspire players. They used a hand-painted art style and it looks indeed really unique and very beautiful. Like the old cartoons from the 80's and early 90's! (yes, I'm that old) The first scene shows us a hanging chamber and it reminded me of the castle that I know from cartoon anime movie Swan Lake by Toei Animation from 1981. I already loved the hand-painted style back then and I still love it today!

This story starts with the girl, she's locked up in this hanging chamber of the castle, which can only be reached via a drawbridge. The opening scene immediately shows that the girl is nice and kind. She helps a wounded bird that accidently (or luckily) flew into her chamber room. The funny thing is that there are no spoken dialogues. So you'll need to figure out what's going on by what you see. Don't worry, you easily get the general idea and story, but there will be some secrets for you to discover, as well as some loose ends for you to tie up as you make your way through the game.

Rescuing and aiding the bird turned out to be a good idea on the part of the young girl, because now she gets help from the owner of the bird and she is able to leave her dungeon room. But the castle is ruled by an evil queen and the girl is pretty helpless against her. Luckily she finds a robot soon after she leaves her room and a friendship between the two of them is born. The girl can heal the robot and crawl into tight spaces. The robot is the one to take part in swordfights and fulfill other heavy tasks. The two of them are a good pair, that sometimes reminds me a little of Barry Burton and Natalia in Resident Evil Revelations 2.

You can easily switch between both the robot and the girl. The controls in general are easy to learn, but you'll have to consider your actions. Just button bashing will cause more troubles then it will solve. Let's say that the main rule to keep in mind is that you can't perform two actions at the same time. So you can't walk while aiming and an attack has to be followed through entirely before you can walk again. This can be tricky, because opponent robots will explode after hitting them enough to finish them off. Time your attacks and back off quickly to save yourself from harm that can be caused by exploding enemies.

Having two playable characters is a very good thing in this game, because there are many objects blocking your path and you'll need both the robot and the girl to be able to overcome these obstacles and continue on your way. Always keep an eye out for the girl, because other robots will try to steal her from you and if they complete that mission, your game is over immediately. (Hooray for checkpoints)

I love the style of this game and the heartwarming moments when the girl and robot work together and take care of each other. The puzzles are cleverly designed and fairly difficult. And the environments are very cool; At some point you will enter a church and next to it is a graveyard. Take the time to read the stones, the texts on them are absolutely hilarious! The game is inspire by classics like Legend of Zelda and Ico, so if you're fan of these classics and love a good story and puzzle filled levels, this game is definitely made for you!

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Flying Carpets Games & Soedesco
September 22, 2017