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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 25, 2016

For the second time this week, my path is crossed by a short, but truly impressive game. A couple of days ago, I told you guys about a game called I am a Brave Knight. Today, it's time to go back to prehistoric times, the time when Mammoths ruled!

The first thing that caught the eye is the art style of this game. Many people all over the internet have made the comparison with a certain scene of the animation movie Ice Age. In this movie, there is a scene in which the story of the Manny the mammoth is told by animated cave paintings that. I love this part of the movie and think it is very beautiful. I agree this game's artwork looks a lot like it. And hey, if you can match the art style of animators of DreamWorks, then you did a hell of a good job!

In The Mammoth: A Cave Painting you play... a mammoth! When searching for a nice field of juicy grass, a whole herd of mammoths is gathered. But then the mammoth you control decides to leave the herd for a little while, because she needs to find a baby mammoth. The baby mammoth was lost, but now she's found and she has a mom. At least, that's what the voiceover tells me. It's not completely clear to me whether this mammoth had lost her baby and eventually found her again at this point, or that she found an orphan mammoth and now she's going to be its mom. But, who cares? I found a baby mammoth and it looks super cute!

When you return with your baby to the spot where the herd was, you discover that your herd is gone. So you decide to follow the trail and catch up with them. While on the trail of the herd, you'll find more baby mammoths, yay! Trumpet at them and they will follow you. Unfortunately, you'll soon discover that the road towards the herd will be dangerous. Prehistoric humans will try to kill the mammoths and naturally they will focus on the weakest ones in your group, the baby mammoths! NOOOOOOOO!!

I can't tell you anything else now, because I would spoil too much of the game. The Mammoth: A Cave Painting will take five to ten minutes to complete, so I think you'll get my point about spoiling things, right? Although the game only takes a short time to complete, it was more enough to make me curious to see what else the awesome people of InBetween Games will come up with. The Mammoth: A Cave Painting looks absolutely great and different than other games out there, which tells me that the developers really know how to let their game stand out of the crowd.

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August 24, 2015