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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 30, 2014

A remastered version of one of last year’s top titles. The Last of Us has been chosen (more than once) as Game of the Year 2013. Finally the time has come for everyone to play this grand adventure on their PS4.The sarcastic remarks from Joel, Ellie laughing about her comic books and their growing relationship during their adventures. We loved it all on the PS3 and now we can experience it all over again.

We are probably not going to tell you anything new about this game. Who hasn’t played this remarkable survival horror with a soft side? If you haven’t, then you should be ashamed of yourself and run to the stores to get yourself a copy. Just kidding, don’t be ashamed… but run to the store nevertheless…

right now…

no, it’s all right, we’ll wait…

Ok, you’re back! Let’s press on, shall we?

The Last of Us was different from other games because you could almost feel Joel’s pain. And since you play as Joel most of the time, you felt a lot of it. You really experience how to survive in a world fraught with danger. If you like survival horror games and you’re not afraid of blood and violence, you WILL enjoyed this game (wave hand and insert Jedi mind trick here)

For everyone who was unfortunate enough to have missed The Last of Us, a short resumé. The Last of Us tells a story which takes place after the outbreak of a rare infection. If you get infected, you turn in a zombie kind of creature, called the Infected. If you’re not infected, you have to survive in a world which throws you back to basic. Ammo, food and supplies are scarce. In this world a man, Joel, is entrusted with the care of Ellie, a fourteen year old girl.

Yes, it’s the same story; same characters, same collectibles. But isn’t that boring, I hear you ask. Not at all. It is a great story, cool characters and the world of The Last of Us is beautiful and scary at the same time. Because of the collectibles and the variety in difficulty levels, this game doesn’t get boring.

This remastered version is visually different. To be specific, you can now enjoy this adventure in 1080p60. In other words, more colours and sharper images. The difference is best noticeable in the cutscenes. On the Ps3 version, we were already blown away by the sheer amount of details in the game. These details are still there, but greater in numbers and much subtle this time around.

A big plus is that all the DLC is added at this Remastered version. That includes the singleplayer story Left Behind. In Left Behind you get to see what Ellie experienced before she met Joel. This story is mentioned a few times over the course of The Last Of Us, for example when Ellie sees an old arcade machine. It’s a complete adventure in its own right, so that’s two games for the price of one!
The Last of Us also features a multiplayer mode and all the DLC for this mode are added as well, such as weapons and maps. So again, you don’t have to pay the price of a full game, yet you get the full game and all its DLC in one awesome package.

For everyone who hasn’t played this game already, this is the best change you’ll ever get to experience the danger, the horror and the tenderness of The Last of Us. If you are a fan of the series, you’ll just want to collect everything there is to collect. And to everyone who doesn’t like The Last Of Us, we can only assume that you, sir or madam, have completely and utterly lost your mind, and therefore, are wrong…

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Naughty Dog & Sony
July 29, 2014