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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 20, 2018

Two years ago, Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams was pleasantly surprised by a platforming game gem about Yarny; a cute-looking creature that is, as the name implies, made entirely out of yarn. The game we're are talking about is Unravel and during this year's E3, EA proudly announced this game's sequel; Unravel Two, which was released immediately after its announcement!

The developers of Unravel, Umeå - Sweden based Coldwood Interactive, aimed to offer us a brand new puzzle-platform adventure with brand new Yarnys. Yes, plural; because in Unravel Two, you will always be accompanied by a second Yarny. And you can also meet lots of other Yarny friends along the way. Are you excited yet? I know I am!

Two Yarnys means that two players can join in and make their way through the treacherous lands of Unravel Two. The game only supports local coop, so invite a friend over and start unraveling! You can also choose to play the game on your own, but I must say that I personally feel that this game is meant to be played together. You can really help each other get through the levels and solve the puzzles. By swinging and climbing you can cross the most greatest challenges up ahead. And because the two Yarnys are always connected by a single thread of yarn, players can really helkp eachother out. If, for instance, one player has reaches the other side of a wide gap, the other player can simply climb up the strand of yarn connecting them and join their friend!

Another clever feature is that the Yarnys can jump on each other's backs, which comes in very handy if one player is more skilled than the other when it comes to challenging platform sections or when you have to perform an action at the same time. Just imagine how many times you need to start over because you made that particular jump, but the other player didn't. Or worse, you are the one holding the other player back. In Unravel Two, I was good at jumping from platform to platform. My compatriot Ferry, on the other hand, was very good at climbing and rope-swinging and was able to easily reach higher places that way. It's at these points in the game that it's great that you can hop on the back of the other player and he or she takes you with them. In other words; you should not be ashamed of asking for help and accepting someone's helping hand (or in this case, someone's helping back).

From the moment I first saw a Yarny, I'm fell in love with it; they are so cute! I saw a lot of people online who were making their own Yarny with iron wire and yarn. Yarnys of all shapes, colors and sizes popped up all over the world wide web. I think this must have inspired the developers, because in Unravel Two, it's possible to customize your Yarny. You can choose the shape of their head, their body shape and their color. When you first start the game, you can only choose between two heads, two bodies and a selection of colors. During play, you'll get the chance to save additional Yarny friends who are held captive in special bonus levels. Every time you save another Yarny, its appearance will be added to the customization options, expanding your library of faces and bodies.

Aside from the inventive gameplay, the one thing that makes the Unravel games stand out is the quality of their graphcs. The bright-colored Yarnys really stand out in the beautiful and realistic-looking environment of the game's world. The world feels like a character of its own and is the perfect setting for the great adventure that awaits you; you'll need to make your way through factories, streams and even a forest on fire! We rode a forklift (which was really cool!) and I even discovered a moose walking by in the background from time to time (which was truly awesome!).

The action takes place at the front of the screen, but don't forget to pay attention to the story-telling going on in the background, where we witness two children trying to make their escape. Unravel Two's Creative Director, Martin Sahlin, stated he wanted to offer a brighter and more positive story. "We wanted to make something that makes you feel good, especially since it is a co-op game. We prefer to make you laugh and cheer." I personally loved how our actions actually helped the children. At some point in the game, we literally opened the door for them.

Unravel Two is an excellent game and the best way to enjoy this game is definitely with a friend in local coop mode. The game looks awesome and plays extremely well! Plus, it's really cool that you can now customize your own Yarny! The only bad thing I can come up with about Unravel Two was that it ended! I just wanted to keep playing this beautiful and awesome game! Oh well, all things must come to an end, I suppose. And on that note, This is Diana, signing off and advising you certainly not to miss out on Unravel Two!

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June 9, 2018