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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 27,2017

Try, if you will, to picture this; you wake up on a small and thoroughly unfamiliar rock island. You have no memory about anything from your life up till this point, so you have no clue as to why you are where you are... wherever that may be. There are actually only two things to see when you look around: Endless miles of water and gigantic tower-like structure, smack dab in the middle of the island...

The tower seems to be shut and there is no apparent door through which you can enter it. Which brings me to my next question; why would you want to enter this grim and foreboding tower? It looks kind of spooky, to be honest, and I highly doubt that I am going to be welcomed by friendly and cute-looking creatures if I should enter... But okay, let's face reality. There is no other option, you're on an island, without food or drink, so your only real option, apart from dying from hunger and dehydration, is to enter the tower. Once you approach the structure and stand closer to it, it seems to somehow "recognize" you and... voila... a hidden door opens.

This, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is how you start Vaporum, the very first game by four man strong game developer: Silver Spook. They worked very hard over the last two years to bring you their first person dungeon crawler. The game is grid based, which has a major influence on the controls of the game. Unfortunately for me, there is no controller support (at the moment). But to be honest, after a couple of minutes, I'm totally comfortable with keyboard and mouse. To turn around you can either hold you middle mouse button or use the Q and E button. At first, I chose the mouse, but quickly discovered that using the Q and E button is much easier and lets you get around much faster. So it's no surprise when I tell you that from that moment on I used these buttons to turn around.

As I mentioned in my introduction, it's a complete mystery who you are and why you're... well, where the hell you are. During your exploration of the giant building, you'll find notes and recordings of people who presumably once lived and worked there. Bit by bit, their stories start to make more sense and, who knows, maybe you'll even find out more about yourself. Notwithstanding the fact that our protagonist has no recollection of the past, these dark surroundings seem familiar somehow...

While exploring the dark corridors the tower seems to have in endless supply, you'll come across many closed doors, and it's up to you to figure out how to open them. Sometimes it's as simple as finding the right key, while at other times, some serious puzzle solving is in order. Inspect every corner and inch of your environment, because it's easy to miss out on the many secrets that are hidden in this game. And do not forget to save; the atmosphere of the game is so cool and eerie that you just might forget to do so. So head my advice and just hit the F5 button to save. And do it a lot, because you never know what dangers are waiting for you around the next corner.

Speaking of dangers; yes, there are enemies and there are not easy to kill. It will take you numerous hits with a melee weapon or quite some ammo for a ranged weapon before they go down. A ranged weapon is the best option for me, because it lets me keep some distance between me and my opponent. But these weapons require ammunition, which is not abundantly in stock, so pick your battles wisely. And, being the case in this situation, try to choose the right weapon for the job.

If you're up for a fair challenge, Vaporum might be the game you're looking for. I played this game on the "Easy" difficulty setting and still had a hard time. So I can only imagine what it is going to be like on one of the higher difficulty settings. Vaporum is one of those games that challenges you to think ahead and constantly be totally prepared before opening the next door, as well as making the most of every item you'll find. And don't leave a room until you're absolutely sure you didn't miss any hidden secrets.

I really had a good time playing Vaporum. I love playing a game that is developed by a small team and discover how great and well-executed the game actually is. So, if you like a first person game, filled with hidden secrets and many, many puzzles for you to solve, this game is a challenge right up your alley... a dark, eerie and foreboding alley that is fraught with danger and mystery, and an excellent alley because of it!

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September 27, 2017