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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 2, 2016

I simply love games that have a somewhat strange atmosphere and have 'mystery' written all over them! So when I heard about the Early Access of a game called We Happy Few, I had a look at its trailer and instantly knew I REALLY needed to play this one. So here we go!

You start this game at your office job. Yes, you sit down at your desk and have to do your job. Your job is to approve or censor newspaper articles. I don’t about you, but this is a strange thing to do. You decide what the people might or might not read. It feels strange that some subjects can be censored. And the funniest thing is that the game didn’t give me restrictions or rules or something. The strange feeling and the doubts whether I should approve something or not, it’s all happening in my head! Creating craziness in my mind, accomplished. Good job, developers!

The story of We Happy Few is one about a world where people are told to be happy, no matter the cost. To do so, everyone has to take his or her daily happy pill. And, as you might suspect, our main character stopped taking his pills. Now he sees what his world really looks like. For example, at the place where he works, there is a little party going on and his colleagues are busy hitting a piñata. When it burst open, they all start to eat the candy. But without your happy medicine, you’re the only one who sees what’s really going on. They’ve just beaten up a rat and are now eating its guts!

Soon everyone is yelling at you and calling you a “downer”. All of a sudden, town security attacks you and your lights are punched out. The last thing you see is a guard, kicking you in the face. That’s where your adventure starts. You wake up in a basement. You feel hungry, thirsty and you could really use some bandages to heal yourself. In this basement, you will learn the collect- and crafting system of the game and you’d better learn well, because you’re really going to need both these game mechanics during the game.

You eventually leave your cellar and find yourself in a separate town, set-up especially for all people that are classified as “downers”. Your fellow downers won’t attack you, as long as you don’t harm them or steal from them. At this point, I can hear you all think: “Okay, then just mind your own business and don’t steal their stuff!” Yes, that would be the logical thing to do, but it sure is tempting to steal stuff at times, especially when your life is depending on it (Because you ran out of food for example).

The world of We Happy Few is awesome; it all looks dark and crazy, just like the people in it. And to be honest, judging by what your main character is saying to others, I’m not entirely convinced that he is completely sane. The atmosphere feels like a cross between The movies Equilibrium and 1984 and the game has an awesome art style that somewhat reminds me of Bioshock: Infinite, but quite a bit more grim.

Equipped with your map, quest screen and inventory, your road to survival and, of course, your quest to unravel the mystery has started. I for one am really excited about We Happy Few and almost can’t wait for the full release of this game. It’s intriguing, I love the cartoony style and the smooth gameplay. And this is only the early access, imagine what this game is going to be when it’s completely finished!

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