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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 28, 2015

Ever since I played Yoshi’s Woolly World at Gamescom 2014, I couldn’t think of anything else. The cute Yoshis, the beautiful fabric world, the wool. Last Friday the wait was finally over, it was time for me to play! First off, I have to say that Nintendo’s still got it. They’re great if it comes to beautiful, colorful worlds and make really good platform games. And this time around, they’ve added some really cool features to the gameplay. So let’s see what they got in store for us and play Yoshi’s Woolly World.

Yes, I can hear you all think: "Isn’t this going to be just a sort of remake of Kirby’s Epic Yarn?" Well, if it was, that wouldn’t be a problem, would it? I don’t see the problem, even if it was; I think Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a fantastic game. But don’t worry if you don’t agree with me; Nintendo has some brand new tricks up their sleeves.

Yoshi’s Woolly World starts in a happy world which is filled with (as the game’s title kind of gave away) Yoshis, who are happily frolicking about and are generally having a great time! But alas, the fun and games all come to an end when the villainous Kamek shows up and turns most of the wool Yoshis into balls of yarn and kidnaps them. Of course it’s up to you to save all the Yoshis and restore peace to the land.

You can play this game with the Wii U pad, the Classic controller or a Wii remote. My personal favorite way to play this game is the Wii Remote. You can use it sideways and the controls make the most sense this way. But I like the fact that you have several options; that way everybody can choose their favorite.

Yoshi can walk, run, jump, eat yarn, produce yarn balls and spit them out. Enemies are also made out of wool, so you can sort of eat them. You can swallow the wool, which does nothing, or you can produce a ball of yarn, which you can use to shoot opponents or make objects appear so you can, in turn, use them to progress through the levels.

In each level, there are five special balls of yarn to collect. If you manage to collect all five balls in the level, they will combine into one of the kidnapped Yoshis. There are a lot of different Yoshis to collect and when you rescue one, you can even continue playing the game with that specific Yoshi, if you like.

During the game you will also earn badges, which give Yoshi a special power for the duration of one level. They can help you a lot, but they will cost you money. So choose wisely, young woolhopper! I especially like the badge that gives you unlimited melons to eat; this provides you with unlimited melon seeds, which you then use to shoot enemies with. This deals with them a lot faster than turning them into balls of yarn. Without spoiling too much of the surprise, I would just like to add that most of these badges are a lot of fun to use and are very useful when playing through a particular tricky level.

As if that weren’t enough, the cutest part is yet to come! Yoshi will not have to face the perils of this adventure on his own. You can play this game with your friends, well one friend at a time at least. I’m talking about the drop in – drop out coop mode. I have to admit, it makes the game a bit chaotic, but it’s fun as well! And even without friends you can expect the company of a cute woolen dog. He can help you to reach those pesky narrow spaces. These areas can be tricky to reach sometimes, but well worth the effort.

Nintendo has also designed special Amiibo’s for Yoshi’s Woolly World. I personally don’t have any Amiibo’s, so I can’t really tell you a lot about it. But let me just say that I saw the Woolly Yoshi Amiibo and I almost died; It looks so fluffy and cute! I almost bought it, just to be able to look at it every day!

Yoshi’s Woolly World is so good and cute, I could play it all the time. Nintendo really made an awesome game. So if you like: platformgames, Nintendo, Yoshi, yarn, wool, fabric or cute games, I really recommend you to spend your money on Yoshi’s Woolly World. You won’t regret it!

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June 26, 2015