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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 14, 2016

A fluffy elephant, but you can change its fabric and if it's necessary, you can swap its paws for the paws of a rabbit. Well, isn't that nice? Oh please, can I make my elephant pink and sparkly?

No ladies and gentlemen, I am not drunk. I make it a point not to drink alcohol before 9am! It's just that, last weekend, I played the demo of Woven, a brand new game by Alterego Games & Digital Forest and I instantly fell in love with it. While it may not be anywhere near their estimated release date, we're already able to play the free demo. And, if you like it, you could really help them complete their goals by becoming a backer of this awesome project on Kickstarter.

Woven is a beautiful adventure game, set in a world that is completely made up out of fabric. The game's protagonists are Stuffy, a fluffy and cuddly-looking elephant and Glitch, a mysterious, bee-shaped robot. Controlling Glitch, you can guide Stuffy around this seemingly peaceful world. Whenever encountering an object you can interact with, Glitch gives you contextual info on the action you should perform. When you start the game, you will not be able to perform all of these actions, because you haven't got the right body parts yet. Body parts?! Easy there, fellow; it's not going to be a gory splatter-fest! Just relax, I'll come back to this in a minute. While playing, you can collect several kinds of fabric. The fabrics are hidden inside Eggnuts, which is basically a knitted version of an acorn, which you can find on the ground, in trees, behind rocks, etcetera. In other words, sometimes it's just a case of walking up to it and pick it up. But it's very wise to explore every corner of the environment. You never know where an especially sneaky Eggnut is hiding.

When you walk around and you see smoke, don't worry. You didn't do anything wrong and the level is not on fire. The smoke you see, is made by a machine, which can be used as a sort of upgrade station. You can change your look here, simply by applying the fabrics you found to your character. During the demo it became clear, that sometimes you'll have to change your look. A big, fancy snake crossed my path. He would only let me pass if I looked just as fancy as him. Lucky for me, I had found the snake fabric just minutes before. So I searched for the nearest upgrade machine, changed my look and when the snake approved my look, I could pass and continue my journey.

I was also able to help a rabbit cross a bridge that had been blocked off by a giant boulder. As a result of helping him, Glitch was able to scan my our friend and a rabbit pattern was added to my inventory. From that point on, I was able to swap body parts between the two, creating a cool hybrid. I could also completely change to the rabbit, but why would I want to if I could be an animal with the strength of an elephant and the agility of a rabbit? A rabbiphant, if you will... or an elebit? Whatever the case may be, I did suddenly remembered a pile of rocks that blocked my way earlier on in the game and wondered… what if… yup, I'm going for it! I added the rabbit paws to the elephant body and yes, ladies and gentleman; I was now able to jump over the boulders. This mechanic is the core of Woven gameplay. It's like the developers themselves have stated by saying that: "as a player, you continuously customize your character by mixing different body parts to solve puzzles and bravely confront the dangers that lurk beneath the soft surface."

Sadly, after 20 minutes or so, the demo was over, but I absolutely loved every fabric-clad minute of it! The fabric world is beautiful and colorful and the controls are smooth, though I'm hoping the full version will include controller support. But that's personal and it would only add something to the game for people (like me) who are not really accustomed to using a keyboard and moese when playing a game, because the controls work very well already. So please, do go and play the demo and back these guys up on Kickstarter, so we all can enjoy this great game next year's October!

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Alterego Games & Digital Forest
October 2, 2017 (estimated)