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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 17, 2018

Last year, DumeeGamer's very own Jef "JeffAlpha" reviewed the PS4 version of a game called Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. He was over the moon about this great and colorful open world RPG game. I have to say, this game looked so good and cute, I would have loved to play it myself. Oh well, sometimes you have to share and, seeing as how Jef called dibs on it first, I let him play the game and do the review. I did think, however, that Yonder and the Nintendo Switch would be a match made in heaven, but alas, that was not to be. So, how cool is it that, some eight months later, my dream finally comes true?!

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a visual spectacle that welcomes you into the warmth and tranquility of the world of Gemea. And boy, was I thrilled to be invited there! My adventure starts on a ship but, what do you know, I got shipwrecked! Right after that I thought I was dead, because a spirit spoke to me. But she told me something about how her friends could help me along the way. It's always good to know that there will be people there for you, right?

So, I set foot on the strange and unknown land of Gemea, and after a short walk I discovered the friends the spirit mentioned. I met my first Sprite, which is sort of a pixie-like creature. You can collect more of them during the game and you'll need them to get rid of Murk. Murk is a poisonous purple cloud and it has infected the whole land. It's up to you to find the source of this malice, get rid of all the Murk and restore Gemea to its former colorful self.

But first things first. You'll need a roof over your head. When entering the first town on your journey, somebody gives you a tip about an old farm; if you can manage to get rid of the Murk that has overtaken it, it's yours. With the help of your Sprite friend, you manage to make the Murk disappear from the farm grounds. After that, you can build animal pens so you can keep animals there. A cow can give you milk which can be used to produce other products. These products can, in turn, be used to trade with merchants. Animals can also join you on your journey. I love to have an animal companion, so I chose to take a fox with me. It's not like the animals contributes in any way but being there, but at least it's cute to look at.

During your travels, you will meet lots and lots of characters and most of them have one or multiple quests for you. In return, they will offer you items, resources or tools. The quests vary greatly in duration. Sometimes it's easy to complete them, while at other times, I left the area and continued on my way, only to discover that particular item I needed to complete a quest I was given over an hour ago. So, this means a lot of traveling back and forth but, let me tell you, in the beautiful world of Gemea traveling itself is already a treat!

You can also join guilds and I can tell you that I'm the proud member of the Tinker guild! The first guild I could join was the cooks. Sure, that's fun and I love making a delicious dish, but I wanted to see what more was out there. The second guild were the Carpenters. Their quest to join the guild was a bit of a struggle, because I needed to collect nails for them and I couldn't find them or craft them. But then again, carpentry isn't my cup of tea. So, I continued my way and I met the great leader of the Tinker guild.

With all the items you find, craft or produce, you can hit the market. The shopping system in this game is more like a trade system. This means you can't just sell and buy items, you'll have to trade. If you want an item from the shop, you have to trade them for a bunch of other items from your own backpack that make up the same monetary value as the item you are trying to procure. It was a bit tricky in the beginning; I'm used to just selling the items I don't need or want anymore and when I need something I'll just buy it. But, on the other hand, the traders always have something you can use sooner or later. How cool would it be if we reintroduce this system in the real world? Yes, sure, you'll be carrying a really heavy backpack wherever you go, but you have to admit, it does sound kind of fun, doesn't it?

There is so much to do and discover in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles; I could go on and on about it. The most outstanding aspect of this game to me is the fact that your character gets to live in this world and go out on great adventures without slaying one single enemy. It's a life, an experience, a great story about good and evil, but without hordes of enemies. I loved every minute of it and I'm already looking forward to Prideful Sloth's next game!

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Prideful Sloth
May 17, 2018 (Nintendo Switch)
July 18, 2017 (PC & PS4)