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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 21, 2016

Whatís better than a zombie? Controlling a horde of zombies of course! By playing Zombie Night Terror, the new game by the independent French game studio NoClip, you can be the zombie alpha, the zombie king, even the zombie god if youíd like. Zombie Night Terror won its first prize at the Indie Game Contest 2015, which usually indicates the quality of a game and Zombie Night Terror is no exception to this rule. So, all in all, everything about this game makes us very curious. Time to check it out, donít you think?

In this Lemmings-like game, your goal is to destroy humanity. Sounds simple, doesnít it? Especially if you take into account the fact that you have an army of zombies to help you to achieve this goal. But, alas, zombies are dumb, so itís not just a matter of infecting them and sending them out in the world; youíll actually need to guide them through levels and help them infect as many humans as they possibly can. If thereís a hole, the zombies will fall in, so youíll have to stop them from hurling their rotting bodies into every bottomless pit they come across. Each consecutive level will contain more booby traps, so youíll have to be smart if you want to have a hope in hell of completing every level and challenge.

The entire game has that good old 8-bit look and uses a grayscale palette, with the exception of the bright red fountains of blood that occur when one of your zombies kills a human being. I love it when there are women in the scene and they are confronted with a zombie; true to Hollywood fashion, they will scream like hell, but wonít do anything to actually stop the zombies from biting them.

Zombie Night Terror is a game in which youíll constantly have to look and think ahead. What are you going to do with the tricks that you have up your sleeves? Or in this case: the numerous special mutations in your inventory at the bottom of the screen. Because if you do nothing the zombies will endlessly walk back and forth, until they fall into traps or get killed for good by not-so-helpless weapon-wielding humans. Use your mutations to make a zombie dictate the direction the rest of the zombies will walk in, or kill that zombie to clear the path once it has outlived its usefulness. And, because everyone can just infect a lot of people and see how the game does on its own, the developers added the ability to combine various mutations and get the party started right!

Zombie Night Terror is a crazy ride into the realm of the undead and can be very chaotic at times, what with all the zombies, blood and humans on your screen. It also can be a bit frustrating when you try so hard, only to fail at the very end, making you unable to complete the challenge of that specific level. You can continue on to the next level, but we are no quitters, are we now? Just keep in mind that sometimes, taking a different approach to your problem will help a lot, so do try not focus on just one special mutation too much.

Zombie Night Terror is a great game for everyone who loved Lemmings and is not afraid of the monumental task of clearing forty levels, filled with puzzles that will most definitely try to blow your brains out.

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NoClip & Gambitious Digital Entertainment
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