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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on October 4, 2019

The Alliance Alive is a turn-based RPG that first came out on the Nintendo 3DS in 2017. As of this October, we can enjoy this game in HD with improved graphics on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC! I am looking forward playing this game so much! I love the vibe of the artwork and the characters all seem so much fun. It brings me back to the days that I first played Final Fantasy 3 and makes me feel positively nostalgic! The story of The Alliance Alive is written by Yoshitaka Murayama, the very same man who created the much praised Suikoden series which is, incidentally, another title that I loved playing! The story was so good and intricately built that I am starting to have high hopes for this one. And, I am always in for a good turn-based RPG, so let's get started!

The game starts off by setting the scene for our adventure. It shows us what kind of world the people live in. Centuries ago, the Daemon race invaded the human world, dividing the world into smaller segments. In order to keep the humans separated, the Daemons set up a Great Barrier in the sky. This resulted in an ever dark and gloomy world. Nowadays, the blue sky that was once believed to be behind the barrier of grey clouds and rain is nothing more than a myth. Azura, a childhood friend of Galil, a young boy with a brave heart, has made up her mind and sets out to search for the Ancient Museum where there is said to be a painting of a world in which the sky is indeed blue. They also learn that there is supposed to be a ship which is able to cross between the different realms.

There isn't necessarily one specific main character. A few hours into the game, and you will get a perspective change. You get to meet Lady Vivian, the daughter of Daemon royalty, and her servant Ignace. Vivian is a bit of a dreamer, who takes much interest in the human race. She is one of the few Daemons who actually likes studying the human race and wants to learn more about them. She goes to meet the author of a book she read recently; a human author nonetheless. This author is Tiggy, a stubborn but smart engineer. At some point all of the characters you play will end up together, becoming friends and form a team to start a revolution!

When walking across the world map and inside dungeons, you encounter monsters. In order to defeat the monsters, you can use different kinds of Elemancy (spells) and weapons. Every character can carry each weapon, but by using these weapons you actually train and learn new skills. So changing between makes it necessary for the characters to learn new skills first. This is done by fighting enemies. At the end of the battle you won't be receiving any experience and you also won't be able to level up in this game. It is all about new stats and skills you learn during and after a fight. Other than just battling enemies, there are also some puzzles you will have to figure out in order to get past some obstacles. I think this is a very nice touch, that goes really well with this game's overall feel.

The controls are good, nothing too laggy or glitchy. It feels like the older Final Fantasy series, or maybe I should say it feels more like Legend of Legacy. The music is absolutely beautiful, with many different soundtrack that all fit the various environments really well. This game does have a focus on its story, so there are many different cutscenes and dialogues. These are all without voice-acting, so you will have to read all of the text yourself. The scenery is also really well done. Since there are different realms, each realm has its own feel. There is the rain realm, where, as the name suggests, it rains on every of the 365 days in a year. There is the burning realm, the caged realm, snow realm and the crystal realm. And all of these look really cool and have their own charm.

So, all in all, I can only come to the conclusion that I absolutely love every aspect of this game. The world, the characters, the story. I like how the battle system is different from the standard turn-based RPG's. And the game even has some puzzles in it! This reminds me so much of the good old RPG days. And I am sure that if you liked games like Suikoden, Legend of Legacy, Bravely Default or anything similar, you will love this title just as much! Of course, if you already played The Alliance Alive on the Nintendo 3DS and loved doing so, then this edition is a truly nice upgrade as well as a really good addition to your gaming collection.

available on:

Cattle Call (website in Japanese) & NIS America
October 8, 2019 (NA)
October 10, 2019 (JP)
October 11, 2019 (EU)