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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on May 24, 2019

Atelier Lulua is the latest sequel in the Arland trilogy and follows the exploits of the daughter of the previous game's main character Ronona. The Atelier series is a big franchise and has many individual games. The main focus of the games is to visit different places in order to gather items which you can use for your alchemy. With this alchemy you can complete quests you've received from villagers and make useful items for battle.

I have adored the Atelier games ever since I played Atelier Annie on the Nintendo DS. The series' main, as well as the side characters, really captured my heart! These games have a unique and specific kind of gameplay that is the same for all titles within the series. A good friend of mine played the prequels to Atelier Lulua and was full of praise about the Arland series. Now that I have the chance to play its sequel, I can't wait to get started on this game, which releases on May 24th in Europe for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

In Atelier Lulua, you play as Elmerulia Frixell, or Lulua for short, the daughter of the famous alchemist Rorona. You are an apprentice, trying to become an even greater alchemist than your mother. Lulua lives in Arklys, a quiet city that was once flourishing, but fell into decline after people failed numerous times to crack the mysteries of the ancient tower Fellsgalaxen. But one day, after exploring the ancient ruins herself, a mysterious book tumbles from the sky and lands squarely on Lulua's head. Lulua can read the contents of the book, but does not yet understand what it all means. She also finds out that she is actually the only one who can read the book's contents. She is determined to figure out its mysteries about alchemy in order to become a great alchemist! In this game you will get to meet many new characters, but also a few that you might already know!

The monsters you will fight become more fierce and much stronger as you progress through the story. You start off with fighting some really cute looking Puni-Puni and other cute monsters, but you will eventually also have to fight scary boss characters. Creating stronger weapons and better armour is absolutely necessary if you want to have a chance of success. You can select different difficulties in the options menu, choosing between easy, normal or hard mode.

You can walk through the city, talk to your friends, explore the outside world, fight monsters, gather materials, synthesize and create new items! As you follow the story, new places will become available for you to explore. The controls are really easy to get used if you are familiar with role playing types of games. You can interact with things and people, jump, attack and move about. It all looks very smooth, and even the loading screens don't stay on-screen for very long!

As soon as you start the game, you will notice how colourful and happy everything is. With really background music, colourful and frilly dresses, high pitched voices and a wonderful world to adventure through. You also have to take into account that days pass as you synthesize new items and travel to different places. When it's dark outside, bigger and stronger monsters appear, so be prepared.

This game is so much fun! I already loved the Atelier series and its gameplay, and Atelier Lulua did the job yet again! If you like collecting things, exploring new areas and are not afraid of pink frilly dresses and colourful worlds, than the Atelier series is definitely for you! If you liked Atelier Sophie, or any other Atelier game you will most definitely love this title as well. Of course, this title is more fun if you have played Atelier Meruru, Rorona and Totori as well, but as a standalone game it is perfectly enjoyable as well!

available on:

Gust (website in Japanese) & Koei Tecmo
March 20, 2019 (JP)
May 21, 2019 (NA)
May 24, 2019 (EU)