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By Dyllis "Mimi Mochi" Harmans on May 7, 2019

Although this is actually the first time I heard about this game, but boy am I excited to play it! It looks so artsy and very unique. The game is developed by Bryan Tabor and published by Ratalaika games, a publisher whose games I always look forward to playing, seeing as how I already enjoyed playing quite a few of them!

The starting screen of Bird Game + starts out very simple with a variety of options to choose from. You can choose to start the game, check out the leader boards and configure the options. As soon as I pressed start, a white screen popped up with a timer in the upper-right corner. Then a bird started appearing. The way this game is drawn feels a bit like Okami (a really cool Nintendo game), yet less colourful! The inky tones and strokes really make it feel all the more peaceful.

At the start of the game, you'll receive some basic instruction. You can move the bird up down, left and right as it flies through this ink-like black and white world. Along the way big flowers and plants start appearing, and some dragonflies also start coming your way. But these aren't as friendly as you might think. Hitting them will hurt you and slow you down. After a while you will notice some circles and black crumbles floating around. Collecting these will increase your flying speed and help you collecting trophies for your PS4 account. So try to pick up as many as you can!

The first boss battle I encountered was a huge cicada that started pooping out seeds, from which new plants grew, and a big dragonfly. After some trial and error I figured out that by trying to make them come your way, you could actually weaken them by making them fly against the surrounding plants. They have a few different moves as well that you will have to avoid, but as soon as they start producing plants again, you will know it's your time to shine and beat those bugs. In another battle, you will go up against a large snake spitting out multiple dragonflies, sending them your way. Smaller enemies, such as butterflies, dragonflies and spiders are all enemies you will just have to avoid in order not to be forced to respawn at a previous checkpoint again.

The game starts out fairly easy, but will slowly ramp up to a very hard difficulty level. So after figuring out the first level on easy, you can still enjoy a more challenging version on higher difficulties. The first time flying did not end very well for me. I must admit that I had some trouble adjusting to the controls when I just started playing. Especially trying to calculate the depth of view. Many times I flew against the plants I could have sworn I had avoided, or literally flying into a group of enemies. After a while you get the hang of it and everything will become more smooth and easy.

As for the controls, you can quickly roll to the left or right with L1/R1 to avoid incoming enemies or big rolling logs that will try to squash you. After your boss fight with a big cicada and dragonfly, you will continue your journey. New enemies appear, such as spiders and you will also be able to grab onto things by pressing X. (to open doors) But watch out, missing the lever might just make it impossible to enter through the door. And every time you die, you will respawn at your checkpoint, which makes it somewhat easier to continue the game.

The soundtrack the developer used for the game is very calming and serene. I think he might have done this on purpose to calm down the people who get frustrated easily. I, for one, was really happy with the music calming me down after dying so... many... times. Overall, the game itself is very peaceful, just flying through nature. But, of course, there has to be some kind of challenge, right?

Bird Game + is a very cute and fun game that will keep you busy for a few hours. If you are into Ratalaika games, such as Tetra's Escape and I and Me you will most definitely also really like Bird Game +!

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Bryan Tabor & Ratalaika Games
May 3, 2019